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Look Ma, No Controller!

Use Kinect to drive any car in Free Play.

Look Ma, No Controller!0
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28 Nov 2011 25 Sep 2014
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This achievement obviously requires Kinect, so make sure you have your Kinect connected before you enter the main menu

Once the game has loaded and you are at the 'Press cn_A' screen wave your hand left and right to enter the Kinect menu. Now select Hot Lap,the car and track you pick do not matter as the achievement will pop at the start of the race so pick which ever you prefer.

Once the race has loaded select Start Race and once the countdown has finished the achievement will pop.
You do not need to finish the race

Here's a video demonstration. Luckily you cannot see me :P
It's the Press A screen, not the Press Start Screen.
Posted on 04 Mar 12 at 13:23
Posted by Spilner on 04 Mar 12 at 17:40
Posted on 05 Mar 12 at 09:04
Taz B IRLhey would the xbox live vision camera work with this as i am getting one for another game i have????
Posted by Taz B IRL on 31 Aug 13 at 12:24
SpilnerNo, its not a Kinect.....
Posted by Spilner on 31 Aug 13 at 12:47
Taz B IRLah okay thanks
Posted by Taz B IRL on 02 Sep 13 at 18:02
TalentedGamer88Great, I'm gonna have to buy a kinect :(
Posted by TalentedGamer88 on 26 Mar 15 at 11:06
SpilnerBuy one used, Sell it once you're done and you should get back close to what you paid
Posted by Spilner on 26 Mar 15 at 11:15
ArcadiaAlex14Or if you have a friend with one, barrow it from them. Like I did. I just haven't gotten around to do this yet....
Posted by ArcadiaAlex14 on 22 Jul 15 at 22:50
thebigwooooAnyone know if this works with backwards compatibility on Xbox One i.e use Xbox One kinect to drive the car?
Posted by thebigwoooo on 16 Nov 15 at 12:11
SpilnerBackwards compatibility doesn't support hardware so no it wont work.
Posted by Spilner on 16 Nov 15 at 12:14
RAVENxSPEEDSTERThis is probably the silliest achievement id ever earned.
Posted by RAVENxSPEEDSTER on 04 May 16 at 05:24
Sicario MkIIScumbag move from Turn10.
Posted by Sicario MkII on 24 Jul 16 at 02:23