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Reach 60th level with one character

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15 Aug 2009
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There is a time consuming but very easy glitch to help speed this along.

When on planet Therum for the first time (meaning this can be done with a pre-existing character on a second or third playthrough), activate the mining laser (the code is AXBY) and then save as soon as you receive experience.

Then, load the save you just made. You'll notice you gained more experience. Save again, as quickly as you can, and reload the new save. Repeat as many times as desired.

The experience you gain scales with level, so this is faster than just killing hordes of enemies.

Therum is the planet you rescue Liara T'Soni from, and is located in the Knossos system in the Artemis Tau cluster.

Good luck!
I smash START so that I can save as quickly as possible, but when I load the save I can't activate the laser again. Was there an update for this glitch?
Posted on 09 Nov 09 at 12:40
Cyber Monksu need to w8 a second or too to see the xp appear on the screen *bottem right* when it does then hit start save then load and u get ur xp that way if u dont let the xp appear befor saving u dont get it
Posted by Cyber Monks on 23 Jan 10 at 00:26
Achawks123Great guide, I'm currentl lvl58 and trying to get lvl60
Posted by Achawks123 on 03 Feb 10 at 12:37
Sweet Trav34thanks for the glitch info
Posted by Sweet Trav34 on 19 Jan 11 at 23:49
Tanelorn82I had to do it ~200 times from 59 to 60. It wasn't that long.
Posted by Tanelorn82 on 11 Nov 11 at 23:00
Ostrowidzki1989Added a positive because it's better than the others. I did it yesterday from 44-50 in 30 minutes.
Posted by Ostrowidzki1989 on 08 Mar 17 at 14:46
TEDDYbearKNIGHTIm playing on NORMAL and was only able to level up to 50. I was wondering if this was normal and level 60 was only obtainable on the higher difficulties
Posted by TEDDYbearKNIGHT on 29 Apr 17 at 16:39
GodLike499@TEDDYbearKNIGHT yes, level cap is raised to 60 after completing the first playthrough. On the bright side, if you're already 50 you shouldn't have a problem getting to 60 before completing your insanity playthrough.
Posted by GodLike499 on 05 Sep 17 at 13:37
jlen03Genuinely don't know why this has so many down votes--author was accurate, concise, and up front about this exploit. For reference, took about an hour to get the 180k I had left to acquire. Can confirm this works on XB1, and I imagine (if you're using a 360) installing the game will significantly cut down on load times.
Posted by jlen03 on 09 Feb at 15:02
JimmieWorldThank you I used this to get lvl 60, but its just for fun, because you have to replay the game at least 3 times anyways! btw if anyone curious I gained 1017 XP everytime with this method.
Posted by JimmieWorld on 12 Jul at 21:55