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Master of Ceremonies

Host at least 1000 matches

Master of Ceremonies+0.7
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Commander MasonCommander Mason110,196
15 Aug 2009
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This takes time, but no effort. You can get it in about thirteen and a half hours and can take no effort if you just do what I did and leave your xbox on whilst your sleeping/working/at school or whatever you do. :-)

Create and host a public private match and play with the following settings:

Co-op territory.
Auto start timer at thirty seconds.
Game time limit on five minutes.
No respawns.
Enemy density at infinite.
Set defending zone at base and set zone failure to all.

The best map I have found is "Nowhere" as they usually kill you within thirty seconds or there about.

The above settings will make sure that your game lasts approximately one minute and ten seconds. Thirty seconds for them to find and kill you, thirty seconds auto start timer and the other ten seconds because every now and then they kill you quicker and sometimes they take a bit longer.

You do NOT have to have a wired controller as I done it with a wireless controller and turned the controller off and left my xbox on overnight and for some extra time during the day to finish it off.

I hope I helped.
DeathbringerJCan you do this on local to get the achievement?
Posted by DeathbringerJ on 02 Sep 09 at 02:31
Commander MasonI'm not sure, I done mine over XBL but I assume you can do it in local as well because the achievement isn't restricted to a certain match type such as only in ranked XBL matches.
Posted by Commander Mason on 04 Sep 09 at 09:41
AvisoleI found 'Desert Gulch' to be a much quicker map. 'Nowhere' takes about 50-70 seconds until they find you, 'Desert Gulch' takes about 30-50 seconds.
Posted by Avisole on 02 Mar 10 at 22:54
The Great Checalculation problem:
when you need 70s per game and you have to host 1000 games:
70x1000=70000s => 19,4 hours
and 13 and a half
Posted by The Great Che on 29 Jul 10 at 16:42
Commander MasonThanks for the correction Che, I'm not really sure how I managed to get that wrong, that's terrible maths from me! I will change the time in the description now. Thanks again!
Posted by Commander Mason on 30 Jul 10 at 00:14
Negative ZZI've left it on for about 30-40 hours and still no achievement. Doing it 100% local if it makes any difference. Help?
Posted by Negative ZZ on 27 Aug 10 at 15:05
StumblesMcGeeI'd imagine that you can't get this on local play, Negative ZZ. You're technically not hosting anything if you're playing local, because no one is able to join unless they're on that same console.
Posted by StumblesMcGee on 01 Dec 10 at 05:05
superjasHow do u set enemy density to infinite, there seems to be no setting for this or is it called something else? any help will be appreciated, thanks
Posted by superjas on 15 Jan 11 at 09:27
zX KiNGxKoNG Xz"Create and host a public private match and play with the following settings"

A public private match?.....
Posted by zX KiNGxKoNG Xz on 23 Mar 11 at 07:59
BasanakinMason, if somebody says its NOT 13,5 hours but 19,5 you can EDIT that in your solution. You replied to and agreed with the guy above about the duration, yet you didn't edit your solution. This makes me think that your just begging for some thumbs up...
Posted by Basanakin on 28 Jan 13 at 23:09
PrimeBigTimewhy would you put failure to all bases? wouldn't it go faster to fail one base? also it takes them over 40 seconds to get to my position and they suck at shooting so can take over a minute before they kill me
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 28 Feb 13 at 07:25
erod550Took about 28-29 hours but it eventually got there.
Posted by erod550 on 25 Nov 17 at 01:46