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Need for Speed: The Run achievements

Need for Speed: The Run

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There are 42 Need for Speed: The Run achievements (36 without DLC) worth 2,942 (1,200)

41,630 tracked gamers have this game, 945 have completed it (2.27%)

East Coast Gold in Need for Speed: The Run

East Coast Gold118 (25)

Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "East Coast Express" Challenge Series

  • Unlocked by 1,857 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.73) 41,752  
417,249 (248,045)
Achievement won on 02 Dec 11
TA Score for this game: 2,633
Posted on 04 December 11 at 15:52
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I got gold with the following cars:

The Jersey Double Back: Porsche 911 GT3RS 4.0
The Situation: Lamborghini Murcielago
Drive Hard: Corvette Z06
Drive Hard with a Vengeance: McLaren F1
Live Free or Drive Hard: Porsche 918 RSR
The Final Event: McLaren F1
MizerisMoney The 2nd to last one, Live Free or Drive Hard is the mother of all bitches of the Challenge Series races. It took me damn near 3 hours to get gold on that one.
Posted by MizerisMoney on 14 Dec 11 at 12:16
ACEs 8s 24 that was ridiculous
do what kornfan suggests and unlock the Porsche 918RSR by completing 10 solo objectives in the Supercar playlist online. it seamed to make it easier for me although it can be done without it the added acceleration boost helped to shave those last few tenths off my time.
just keep with it and learn the track, learn how to take turns at the fastest possible speed that you car can handle and stay off the walls, its a grind but it is possible
Posted by ACEs 8s 24 on 01 Jan 12 at 17:08
Amatorskii damn this one is hard, it was a breeze till i got to live free or drive hard. And now i'm stuck :p
Posted by Amatorskii on 06 Jan 12 at 22:18
Mr J1m After trying a load of different cars and not having the Sesto Elemento NFS or the Porsche 918, I finally nailed this in the McLaren F1.

It's proper hard but, I now realise having had doubts before, that it's not impossible! Good luck though, you'll need a bit!
Posted by Mr J1m on 27 Jan 12 at 18:37
Blue Spatula Missed platinum by half a second with the zonda,so you don't really need to spend ages unlocking the porsche
Posted by Blue Spatula on 05 Feb 12 at 18:55
Pyro Endy Used the Porsche 918 after trying to use the McLaren F1 and the Zonda. Made it much easier, got it on my 3rd attempt. Hadn't played online before, so I also got the achievement for 15 solo objectives whilst trying to unlock the porsche 918.
Posted by Pyro Endy on 18 Feb 12 at 22:44
ukinspro for anyone struggling with the corners at start of the park on Live Free or Drive Hard, just wall ride round the outside and boost them with the Zonda, saved me the necessary seconds. Not exactly pure driving but didn't feel the need to spend hours perfecting
Posted by ukinspro on 05 Apr 12 at 09:58
thoseAREmySHOES @ukinspro That works perfectly. I've been doing that in a lot of the challenge series and am getting a lot of platinums on the first try. For some reason riding around the wall and then nitrousing out of it saves a considerable amount of time when compared to properly taking the turn.
Posted by thoseAREmySHOES on 09 Apr 12 at 17:52
Gjot I just got this using the Zonda (no need for the porsche) Got it after my 5th or 6th attempt after trying out all of the other unlocked cars and coming back to the Zonda. Like the above comments, nitrous through the early turns to shave off a few secs but very importantly save your nitrous for the pier then don't use it for the upcoming turns and on the final stretch through oncoming traffic use every bit of nitrous you have saved up and you should get gold!
Posted by Gjot on 22 May 12 at 11:13
Patmaster1891 Save yourself a lot of frustration and do as the guide says, go get the RSR. I messed around a lot in Live Free and Drive Hard with the RSR and got it relatively smooth. For me only the ridicolous traffic was getting me into trouble.
Posted by Patmaster1891 on 04 Jun 12 at 12:23
SpoolinChaos The live free and drive hard can go fuck itself. I've never seen a game cheat so freakin much till I started playing this. No matter where you are you can be 100% sure there is going to be a car in your way. I was about to make gold and on the final stretch there had to of been 15 cars in front of the finish line. 2:20 for gold is flat out bullshit.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 16 Aug 12 at 18:58
Ginuwine AI3 Took me about an hour, but riding those walls in the beginning is a must. Can be done with the original provided car. Really frustrating but worth it in the end.
Posted by Ginuwine AI3 on 15 Oct 12 at 04:29
edwiitos They are pure assholes for making this Live Free or Drive Hard track. I was only a second behind to get gold on a zonda. -____-
Posted by edwiitos on 21 Dec 12 at 08:05
SpoolinChaos It's a total pain in the ass, when you finally do it, you feel like a total badass that just solved the mystery for teleporting humans or something. I was almost in tears of joy when it popped, haha.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 21 Dec 12 at 14:17
edwiitos Finally got this gold. Good luck to the poor souls that are attempting this. The zonda works fine with this, It's just the traffic that kept fucking me up all the time.
Posted by edwiitos on 22 Dec 12 at 01:45
Woette I got this with the one-77 on the second try (fifth one counting other cars). This challenge is just BS (as is a lot of the game). Grinding the hairpins at the start is a real must to get that time. The random traffic and over the top aggresion of the opponents just makes this challenge a lottery. If you cant take the first 90 degree left without being hindered by other cars, just re-start the challenge and save some resets. You MUST take the shortcut after that turn, then just boost around the hairpins (only the 3 first, the last one is faster taking it smoothly. Also make sure you get the second opponent behind you before that long right hander that tightens. And dont hit the seats on the boardwalk, they slow you down immensely. Third opponent you should normally fly past if you take the boardwalk right. After that its a matter of getting the corners right and the last stretch towatds the finish try to drive close to the oncoming traffic to keep the car in boost mode.
Good luck and have fun, though this is a really crap game haha :-)
Posted by Woette on 29 Dec 12 at 15:24
Saft Und Kraft 2:19:87 Zonda - Rde the three walls in the first park drive. on the boardwalk you can use a run to take out the benches on the left then reset and they won't be in he way.
Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 24 Jan 13 at 20:35
The Manic Moose I just got 2:14:27 with the Pagani Zonda. The tips in the comments are useful.
1. First 90 degree turn - brake and do it cleanly - straight away take the shortcut to the right.
2. Use the corners (hairpins - tight bends within the trees) and grind them and nos around them or as you exit.
3. Slow down for all the corners for the 2nd opponent. You should be ahead of them in the 2nd park section just before the pier.
4. NOS across the pier and DO NOT hit the benches or not until it suddenly bends - you can afford to use NOS and grind the bend if necessary.
5. Don't use NOS for any of the next turns. Finally, at last tight bend.. take it sharp and nearest the apex and NOS!!!!!!

- I wouldn't say it was as difficult as everyone is making out but it is certainly one of the harder ones. Practice makes perfect. Annoying saying but it is true!
Posted by The Manic Moose on 26 Mar 13 at 16:40
CRISP EATERS At last a good challenge.. it's killing me.. I'm well over 10 seconds off. But I nailed Sega Rally 1000Gs so I'll just keep racing this one race until it happens. The longer it takes the more I'm getting my monies worth.
Posted by CRISP EATERS on 21 Sep 13 at 15:58
S P 4 C E Y 2.19:97 riding the walls in the Lambo!!

Would have got it faster but the last bit kept fucking me. Screaming through with over a second to spare only to get hit by traffic 3 out of my 5 rewinds!!
Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 12 Nov 13 at 21:46
GBCheesehead Why EA...why? Do these civilians have driver licenses because I seriously doubt it. I swear they know exactly where I am going to be driving so they can cause accidents or bump into me. Not only is the traffic a bitch, but I was also getting possible gold times for each section only lose to the competition at the last second before the check point...this isn't Mario Kart 64 how in the world are they able to catch up!!
Posted by GBCheesehead on 09 Mar 14 at 23:21
GBCheesehead Sweet, just had to complain online to get me motivated!! 2:19:40 in the GT-R. Originally I was at 2:23:53. I got back 1 second figuring out the beginning left turn. Made up about 3 second figuring out how to/when to hit the NOS on the boardwalk. At the end was grinding the left rail and lost some time because I didn't want to wreck my car 15 feet from the finish line. The boardwalk is the make for break point if you can hold off the guy, use an almost full NOS meter and not hit anything you will gain a ton of time back. I exited the boardwalk going about 190 mph.
Posted by GBCheesehead on 09 Mar 14 at 23:49
Saul FN The Final Event is 10 times worse than Live Free or Drive Hard!!!!
Posted by Saul FN on 26 Aug 18 at 12:36