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Haven't Got Nine Minutes

Complete 'Airfield' in under 4:35 (007 Classic difficulty).

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07 Dec 2011 18 Jun 2013
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This is actually easier than it sounds as long as you pick up all 3 of the body armors that are laying around, head straight towards the objectives and move at a considerable speed.

Location of the body armor:

- The first one is below the first missile launcher, inside the building.

- The second one is located in a small room just after you've avoided the enemies with the RPG's. Turn left after you've sprinted down the ramp, up the small incline and continue forward. On your left will be a door. Upon entering said door, it will be on your left in the corner.

- The third is located next to the console for the 2nd missile launcher.

Watch the video I made for it below:
V0CALICMAXthank you for the body armor locations :)
Posted by V0CALICMAX on 08 Dec 11 at 14:47
perceptron3000I suspect you used the Quimbecile cheat. With that turned on all missions are shown completed as Agent and on the next completion of a mission this achievements are unlocked.
Posted by perceptron3000 on 22 Mar 12 at 08:51
SgtPepper613hey guys, just to clarify, you dont have to do the last objective (destroying the consoles). You can just leave through the door and it shaves like 20 seconds off your time. chievo still pops!
Posted by SgtPepper613 on 25 Mar 12 at 03:30
Nevster08Thanks for this. It helped me a lot ;)
Posted by Nevster08 on 06 Apr 12 at 22:48
TomaShevskyNLThanks, just did it in 4.32.
Posted by TomaShevskyNL on 25 Apr 12 at 14:46
xLoCk 0nxGreat guide. Hauled ass and did it in 4:10. You can almost ignore shooting the enemies altogether in some parts because the body armor aborbs so much damage. I reckon this would be harder on Agent difficulty lol, because you don't get body armor and you'd lose time waiting on your health to regen.
Posted by xLoCk 0nx on 05 May 12 at 20:40
kirchroa rjcthnx realy good movie btw if yyou die you can carry on from your last cheackpoint its not effecting your time.
Posted by kirchroa rjc on 01 Jun 12 at 11:08
Great guide, found a few short cuts along the way, for example body armour 2 isn't really needed so you can just shoot the barrel and spring through. Got it in 3:59 Thanks! Thumbed up :)
Posted on 18 Dec 14 at 23:29