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Destroy 300 Bosses in the Revolution Mode

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09 Dec 2011
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If you've experienced it, I feel your pain! Mine was reset twice and I had to do 500+ boss wins before I got this achievement. Anyways, it seems that anytime you are playing and the phone is interrupted,( you receive a call or text, low Batt. msg appears, etc.) the counter for your boss wins resets to zero. The good news is you CAN retrieve your wins if your careful and immediately quit to your home screen when you notice the reset counter. If you continue to play, the game will save over making it impossible to retrieve your wins. What I did was check my wins counter after EVERY playthrough. I would start from lvl 1 and play through to level 3 or 4 and then loose all my balls and end the game. I would suggest not quitting out and just loosing all your balls and letting the game register the wins. After each playthrough I checked my counter and I'm glad I did because around 200 wins my battery went low and the low batt msg appeared. Sure enough when I checked my counter it was reset. If you see your counter is reset, just hit the windows button to get back to your home screen and reload the game. As long as you caught it and did not play after it reset, you'll see your wins have been restored upon reloading the game. This achievement is annoying enough without getting reset so good luck TAers and keep a close eye on that counter!
SaltyTONCheers, glitch countered. Was on 283 when my alarm went off cry but all healed smile.

Posted by SaltyTON on 14 Dec 11 at 10:28
kloakaTVJust lost my count is there a fix for IT or kust have to start all over ????
Posted by kloakaTV on 06 Jan 12 at 20:42
HazeMonsterUnfortunately, this only works if you realize your counter was reset and quit the game immediately. Upon opening the game, your counter will be restored. However, if you get reset and continue to play, then the game will save with your counter at zero. If that's the case then I'm sorry, but I don't believe you can restore it.
Posted by HazeMonster on 06 Jan 12 at 22:02
kloakaTVThat sucks i'm not starting over :)
Posted by kloakaTV on 16 Jan 12 at 12:21
frenchdawgdamnit, should have read this before trying for this achievement. back to 0 again...
Posted by frenchdawg on 28 May 12 at 15:54
tractakidDon't start up this game while you have music playing! Message will pop up, counter will reset. I was about half way :(
Posted by tractakid on 11 Jun 12 at 12:05
Hampshire VeganClearly the best way to go for this then is to play in flight safe mode?
Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 06 Sep 12 at 15:56
HazeMonsterI would recommend it.
Posted by HazeMonster on 07 Sep 12 at 03:51