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100 Back Attacks

Complete 100 Back Attacks.

100 Back Attacks+0.2
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17 Aug 2009
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Okay this is the first and best chance.

After you pull the chains near the end of disc 1 you eventually make it inside the flying ship. You start in the room with the elevator. Save first then go to the next room. Kill everyone in clockwise order. Which means you'll leave the last alarm enemy by the chest for last.

These creatures have a laser beam that catches you. When it spins away walk up and hit it. Then Flee, Zola has a high agilty so she usually has the best chance to flee. The creature is stuck up against the tresure chance so as long as you dont move, press x till you hit him in the back again. His pinned and now you can grind away by fleeing and hitting him for back attack. do this 100 times.

If you do not have the flee achievement you'll get it here too.