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Just Singing?

Using a mic, sing along and achieve Nice Singing

Just Singing?0
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Dino McflyDino Mcfly321,429
10 Dec 2011
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Pick a song with chord arrangements (I used Freebird). Then plug in a mic (Rockband or Rapstar works). You'll know it's working when you see words in the background pertaining to your singing (i.e. 'OK Singing', 'Great singing').

Achievement pops at the end of the song.
DuanedustJust an additional comment about this solution - you must have your cable plugged into a guitar because you have to tune at the beginning to advance the performance. But you don't have to play a single note on the guitar. Just sing the song & at the end "Achievement Unlocked".
Posted by Duanedust on 17 Dec 11 at 17:48
GWARRRRRAchievement "glitched" for me, I had a mic plugged in while going for D-licious and after i was done tuning the guitar D-licious popped and right after Just Singing? popped as well. I was kinda disappointed because i wanted to sing :[ My take on it is that the game thinks the tuning is a "song" so when its done it counted the mic. however there was no" nice singing" message anywhere, so if any one else could verify would be helpful.
Posted by GWARRRRR on 11 Feb 12 at 05:10
MissFuchsiaFireSuch a random achievement! lol Thumbs up from me. Do you think they threw this in there so a friend watching you play could have something to do and sing along?
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 13 Feb 12 at 21:26
MissFuchsiaFireAre there any actual BENEFITS to singing along..?
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 16 Feb 12 at 17:10
spxyu02I've never owned a rockband or guitar hero game; what's the cheapest alternative for this achievement? Generic USB mic? Looks like amazon has the logitech rockband / guitar-hero mic for $18.50 ... is that as good as it gets?
Posted by spxyu02 on 01 Mar 12 at 01:29
Joao Aden1lsonis it possible tu use kinect mic for this achievement?
Posted by Joao Aden1lson on 07 Mar 12 at 13:05
Joao Aden1lsonis it possible tu use kinect mic for this achievement?
Posted by Joao Aden1lson on 07 Mar 12 at 13:37
Dino Mcfly@ spxyu02 & Joao: I don't know if those will work. I borrowed a mic from a buddy of mine. I'm sorry if that didn't help. If those methods work for you, I'll edit this solution to indicate that they do. Good luck and happy cheevo hunting.
Posted by Dino Mcfly on 08 Mar 12 at 01:27
R1DD3R5Any update on whether something like a kinect mic / generic headset mic / turtle beach mic will work for this achievement...
Posted by R1DD3R5 on 08 Oct 12 at 23:08
Mister HetTurtle Beach and Standard Headset don't appear to be working for me. I might have to try and find a friend who has a Rockband mic and see if that works.....unless I'm just that bad of a singer :P
Posted by Mister Het on 12 Nov 12 at 14:18
bobby trippeHaving some problems with this. I am getting "great singing" but not "nice singing to appear." I have song rehearsal, performance and event. I have tried simply setting the mic against the TV monitor. In all situations I have seen the "great singing" appear but no achievement. Can anyone say for sure if it was rehearsal, performance or event and if you in fact saw "nice singing" instead of "great or Ok singing?"

I can also confirm that the kinect and headset do not work. For Playstation, the eye works.
Posted by bobby trippe on 11 Sep 13 at 15:42
bobby trippeOh crap do I feel stupid. So, I only had this and the mulit-player achievement to get and decided to first do the multi-player. I hooked up the two guitar cables and the mic too. As I set up the multiplayer, I heard a pop and assumed it was the multiplayer one. Then I tried for HOURS in different singing configurations, deleting saves and checking other forums but my score for the game remained the same. Finally, I happened to notice my homepage here showed "Just Singing? had been awarded the day before and not the multiplayer." WEIRD

It turns out yes, this does unlock in tuning sections of the game like GWARRRRR had said it would.
Posted by bobby trippe on 12 Sep 13 at 01:13
spxyu026 years after posting my first question about this achievement, I finally got around to trying this with a used Disney's High School Musical (logitech) USB mic, for the Wii originally I think, bought shamefully from Gamestop all those years ago. And while I didn't think I was seeing the singing commentary on the screen, the achievement did pop at the end of a song rehearsal and I could even hear my own horrendous singing of "Where Is My Mind?" in the background of the song replay afterwards.

Not a very useful comment, but one I felt I had to make in triumph after doing this stupid peripheral achievement.
Posted by spxyu02 on 19 Apr 18 at 19:09