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Third Tour

Get a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.

Third Tour0
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13 Dec 2011 13 Apr 2012
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To check how many kills you have with each vehicle go to
Sign in and then on the top right of the page there will be a stats symbol, click this then the vehicle tab and there you go.

For this you will have to get a kill with the following vehicles. The F35B fighter jet, the BTR-90 infantry fighting vehicle and the DPV fast transport vehicle (buggy).

Pictures of the vehicles can be found here.

Below are the maps that the vehicles are found on
F35B-Gulf of oman, Wake Island (US Side only)
Spawns at the US spawns on both maps, easiest if you just wait then spawn straight into the vehicle.
(If your having a hard time getting a kill with your jet an easy way to level up your jet so you can make getting the kill with it that one bit easier which has been pointed out by XPaTr0l on one of my other solutions is to play with a friend and choose the support class. Before you get in a jet, throw an ammo pack. Get in the jet, fly around when your friend is collecting your ammunition. The points you will get will count as point for the jet. You can get 100 points when your friend is reloading his gun. So you can unlock the missiles in one game.)

DPV-All maps
Most common on Wake Island and can be found at all of the flag locations.

BTR-90-Gulf of oman,Strike on Karkand, Sharqi peninsula
The easiest place to find it would be on the gulf of oman on conquest. It can be found at th RU spawn and at D when its under RU control.

These do not all have be done in one game.
LostMantella9I've got a kill with the F35 and DPV but i can't find the BTR-90 anywhere, can anyone describe where it is on those maps? thanks
Posted by LostMantella9 on 15 Dec 11 at 01:30
HaloStorm12The easiest place to find it would be on the gulf of oman on conquest. It can be found at th RU spawn and at D when its under RU control.
Posted by HaloStorm12 on 15 Dec 11 at 01:46
LostMantella9yeah i found it, problem was i kept joining games and was on the other team, only Gunslinger left now. Thanks for your help! :)
Posted by LostMantella9 on 15 Dec 11 at 07:31
GuidalityI can only get into conquest assault games and I can't find the btr anywhere because the russian spawn exists at C and there is no D. any advice?
Posted by Guidality on 16 Dec 11 at 03:03
HaloStorm12I think there is one at the RU spawn on strike at karkland conquest. If not i would just keep trying on gulf of oman until you get a conquest normal game. I think its stupid how they put conquest and conquest assault together.
Posted by HaloStorm12 on 16 Dec 11 at 03:34
Deranged AsylumI can definatly confirm it appears at the RU Deployment on Gulf Of Oman Conquest (not conquest assault) I used it 5 times just yesterday.
Posted by Deranged Asylum on 18 Dec 11 at 12:43
WhiskeyCharlieIs there any possible way to find "Conquest Only" matches? I have the same problem as stated above, I can only find conquest assault mode
Posted by WhiskeyCharlie on 18 Dec 11 at 20:11
No there isnt right now, conquest and conquest assault are both mixed under conquest search.
Posted by HaloStorm12 on 18 Dec 11 at 20:42
Homunculus Furydoes the BTR appear in Rush. I can't seem to get a normal game of conquest
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 19 Dec 11 at 09:21
PHOENIX1127I just wanted to add for Jet noobs like me that this achievement is just like the "Like A Boss" achievement in that any kill you get while in the jet counts. For me I didn't have any upgrades to my jets when I started, and I pretty much suck at flying so this was extremely hard. I had pretty much given up for a while and was playing as an engineer and laid down some mines by B. The next time I died the F35 happened to be available so I said what the heck and spawned into it, completely forgetting about my mines. As I was hovering to takeoff, someone must have run over them and died as a kill notice popped up, as did the achievement. I wouldn't suggest actually trying to do it this way, but if you are having trouble getting a kill with the jet it can't hurt to lay down some mines. You might get lucky like I did. Additionally, the kill that got me the achievement also got me my heat seekers so I am hoping that the "Complete Warrior" achievement will be a little easier now.
Posted by PHOENIX1127 on 23 Dec 11 at 06:40
BigWorthlesscan you explain where the BTR is on sharqi and say it is there in your guide but I have yet to see it. I'm fully aware it is in oman but not the other two...
Posted by BigWorthless on 24 Dec 11 at 00:28
stylecouncillerwhat the hell does the btr look like, ive got stacks of kills with every amtrak looking vehicle on every map going.and it still hasn't said that i have a kill with it!!!!????? i was checking battlelog and it says how many kills you have with certain vehicles.
Posted by stylecounciller on 02 Jan 12 at 18:15
VahliyaThe BTR is the Russian IFV/APC In some way it could be called a light tank in the case of BF3.
Posted by Vahliya on 07 Jan 12 at 03:22
RustyCoventryHere's an image of the BTR-90: Scroll down to Battlefield 3. To find the BTR-90 I used the server browser to point at all APAC and US servers. I then connected to any server currently playing Gulf of Oman. If the game type was Conquest Assault I quit and went and looked for another server playing Gult of Oman. I kept going until I found one with just Conquest. When at the spawn screen, if I was on the US team, I'd swap teams (you can do this only once per server it seems). Once on the Russian team, I'd spawn at the RU Deployment and wait for the BTR-90 to spawn. With thermal optics it made it easy to get the required kills. This technique got me the Scarred Veteran Assignment too.
Posted by RustyCoventry on 08 Jan 12 at 20:26
an7manJust curious. Is there anyway to check how many kills you have had with the vehicles? Thanks !
Posted by an7man on 12 Apr 12 at 23:59
HaloStorm12Yes there is ive updated the solution.
Posted by HaloStorm12 on 13 Apr 12 at 00:39
sonicfreak1986I got at least 1 kill with each of these vehicles, but the achievement didn't pop. Do I have to wait for my battlelog to update or what?
Posted by sonicfreak1986 on 13 Dec 15 at 02:00
Homunculus FuryIf it didn't unlock then one of them wasn't counted, achievements aren't tied to battlelog. Battlelog is just used to keep track of kills.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 13 Dec 15 at 02:06