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Med School

Revive a player, supply a Health Pack, and heal someone using Healing Aura in multiplayer.

Med School+2.5
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18 Aug 2009 19 Aug 2009
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For this achievement, you have to play as the Medic class.

To revive a player, walk over an unconcious friendly player and press Y. You should take out a device and zap him back to conciousness.

To supply a health pack, simply hit the Y button when your health pack charge displays at least a "1".

To use the healing aura, you must first buy it from the class menu. It is available for $500 for basic use. To use it, hit up on the d-pad.
Blue IguanaJu Does it have to be in 1 life? cause its not giving it to me and I've done all three
Posted by Blue IguanaJu on 02 Aug 10 at 22:12
Evans IIRC, it just has to be in one match. Shouldn't be too hard to do it all in one life though.
Posted by Evans on 02 Aug 10 at 22:15
KillaKevin24 You have to wait for the end of the match and then the cheevo will pop. All MP cheevo's for this game pop at the end of the match.
Posted by KillaKevin24 on 11 Apr 12 at 12:56
Mr Granstaff I'm guessing all of these MP achievements can be done with just two people? I'm not sure if these achievements are mislabeled, but it would make sense that three players would be needed...
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 03 Mar 16 at 15:36