Shaun White Skateboarding Review by SM Pretzelfoot

SM PretzelfootSM Pretzelfoot551,467
19 Dec 2011
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I started playing this game in late july, early August at a friend's house. he never played it and gave it to me since i like achievements, and he figured i could get 'em all.

anyway, i find the storyline to be pretty decent, but the control sceme seems like a generic rip off of the "skate" franchise mixed with the old lame tony hawk proskater games.
for the most part i found the game fun and entertaining, even though i've yet to beat it after 5-6 months. the objectives for the story missions are omnisent and vague. there's this one mission im stuck on in this amusement park where you have to destroy robots that make you depressed and junk. the only help the game gives is "reach level 2 flow" or "hit them". i've looked everywhere on the internet for any kind of walthrough for help but no one seems to have one up, even though 1,000+ are recorded to have the achievement for that part of the storyline. i think my entire review is based upon the fact that this one part sucks balls and i need help on it.

now to the multiplayer.. i dont really have enough experience with the multiplayer to comment on it other than the fact that the achievments for it shouldn't be since no one plays it. they aren't even possible to get offline so ubisoft totally screwed us on that. from the small offline match i played, the multiplayer graphics are horrible compared to the enviroment of the single player world.