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Intercept 6 passes in a game

Intercept 6 passes in a game (non co-op)

Intercept 6 passes in a game0
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20 Aug 2009
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I did this with two controllers and in the same game I got the 300 rush yards with the jets. I started a game playing the dolphins and set their difficulty to All Madden with mine as the Jets as Rookie. These are the plays I picked. For the dolphins on offense Pass/Quick Pass/TE Stick. And on the Jets defense I would pick Formation/Quarter/Normal/Cover 3. Hike the ball and float a pass to X. Watch the ball and as soon as it gets in front of your jets defensive player hit B then spam Y. I got 7 in 4 mins like this. When you get the interception punt the ball back to the dolphins and repeat. Everytime I passed to the x guy I had three defenders surrounding him.
FailedSeppukuExcellent solution dude, this worked the bomb. Did 2min quarters and got it in 3 mins and spent the last 5 mins twiddling my thumbs >_<
Posted by FailedSeppuku on 29 Aug 09 at 14:24
SolrayThis worked perfectly. Excellent solution. It should also be noted that the achievement doesn't pop until the end of the game so you should choose 1 or 2 minute quarters. I was able to get this easily with 1 minute quarters
Posted by Solray on 30 Jan 10 at 00:12
Incubus21212Thank you for pointing that out Solray!
Posted by Incubus21212 on 15 Feb 10 at 11:51
THEeskEMOSaw this on x360a, wonderful solution Incubus. :)
Posted by THEeskEMO on 15 Apr 11 at 22:31
RigggedyRektWorked great, thanks!
Posted by RigggedyRekt on 20 Apr 11 at 09:58
Das KuhnenI'd point out that it doesn't need to physically be you that catches the pass, AI counts as well. I picked it off 7 times before quitting in my game, knowing for sure I personally only caught it maybe 3 or 4 times. Still popped.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 17 Apr 12 at 12:40
doc2084Great. This also works in NCAA 08 for the 6 int in a game achv.
Posted by doc2084 on 19 Jul 12 at 00:16
Paul Wesley 91Awesome! Best INT-related solution I've ever seen!
Posted by Paul Wesley 91 on 19 Jul 12 at 01:17
worked great thanks!
Posted on 25 Oct 12 at 12:30
Posted by CasperTC on 11 Feb 13 at 02:56
Danny BizzAwesome solution. I set it to 15 minute quarters and had 6 interceptions with 14min 7 seconds left in the first quarter! You can quit as soon as the play on which you get the sixth interception ends too as I did.
Posted by Danny Bizz on 11 Mar 13 at 02:59
BiggRiggWorked great! I didnt even have to push B or spam Y. Steelers (me) vs Dolphins (second)
Posted by BiggRigg on 24 Apr 13 at 21:03
GTIAndyThis was the last achievement I needed on this, I used Patriots (me) vs Dolphins. This worked perfectly. Took 1 min 10 secs of game time, quit out and it popped.
Posted by GTIAndy on 08 Jan 14 at 05:31
GsO LightAwesome solution wink
Posted by GsO Light on 08 Feb 15 at 00:05
skylinesendPerfect solution! Thanks!
Posted by skylinesend on 09 Oct 15 at 00:29
Mr DopeGamingAll the way in 2019 this is still helping people out. I just got this achievement with the exact setup you mentioned (Jets vs Dolphins). I did not even need to control the defense as literally every throw was an interception. I can also confirm that you can quit after you get your 6 (I did 7 to be safe)
Posted by Mr DopeGaming on 06 Jul 19 at 13:56
Vman0922Worked beautifully. Also paired it with the Jets rushing achievement and had it done with 0:45 on the clock in the first quarter. Also was able to quit and get the achievements. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Vman0922 on 07 Feb at 04:36