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Third Tour

Get a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.

Third Tour0
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Third Tour Achievement Guide:
Get a kill with the following vehicles: BTR-90, DPV, F-35.
This is achievement is accumulative(you don't have to do all three kills in the same match like the "Complete Warrior" Achievement). This can only be done in Conquest(Not Conquest Assault, which is actually BULL**** and I don't like it, i which DICE would return Conquest to its normal state)
Ok so first off you have to make sure yourself that you are ready to do this achievement as calm and tranquily possible. And always have a partner to rely on in your squad(This partner is mostly required for the DPV and BTR-90 kills).
Getting a kill with the F-35 (Main US Side B2K Fighter Jet): Ok this Jet can be found on the US Side Deployment of the following B2K Maps: Gulf of Oman and Wake Island.
If getting a kill with the F-35 is getting to annoying and difficult, try going on a Conquest on Caspian Border and try racking up some kills by killing some helicopters until you, at least unlock Flares and Heat Seekers which are necessary to make your F-35 kill easier. Or get the Engineer Kit and plant some mines over the flags and get on to the F-35 and wait till some enemy ground vehicles pass to capture the flags and eat the mines and get the F-35 Mine helped kill.
Ok, so to get this DPV(Little anti-personal Go-kart looking like vehicle) kill, make sure you have your Squad Partner driving the vehicle while you are man-gunning the turret, try to go to an enemy non-infested area (so that you don't get killed while trying to get the kill) and kill and enemy. Or you can also drive the DPV and have your squad partner to cover you with the gunner while you try to splatter and enemy and get the kill. Or plant some mines in the flags like I said before in the F-35 kill explanation, and hope you luckily get the kill with the mines while being totally inside the DPV. :D
Ok, this BTR-90 can only be found on the Gulf of Oman Conquest mode(Not Conquest Assault... -_-) on the RU(Russian) Side deployment or at the D flag location when at the controll and possesion of the Russian Team. So this BTR-90 kill is pretty easy but to prevent some errors while tracking up your kill for earning the achievement like having an enemy tank, jet or helicopter or even an infantry to destroy your BTR-90 before you can even earn the kill, make sure you have a partner with Engineer Kit Repair Torch Tool inside with you in the BTR-90. You can either be the Gunner or the driver, just earn a kill while inside tha tank and boom "Third Tour" achievement unlocked for 20Gs which is worth it but 20Gs are 20Gs.
So guys if you have any problem or difficulty or if this guide isn't helpful type your question below and ask me for help. If you have any other problem to rack up any other Achievement of BF3, feel free to ask me in the comment section... BEELOOUUW. :D
Games MasterYou might want to add that flares will take 300xp and heat seekers will take a further 400xp.
Apart from that, Amazing guide, +1 from me. Thanks.
Posted by Games Master on 08 Jan 12 at 13:13
HaloStorm12yeah makes my guide on the locations look like a piece of crap +1 from me... if i could
Posted by HaloStorm12 on 28 Jan 12 at 12:34
A PhizzleI got a kill in the BTR and the DPV in one game, but I ended up losing connection to the game. Do you think those kills still count or do I have to redo them again?
Posted by A Phizzle on 06 Feb 12 at 19:37
z iRubz xXSorry that I replied late hehehe but... Yes it still counts towards it... remember that BF3 is composed of decated Servers which means it auto-saves at certain points meaning that it saves progress ieach time you die. So if you died while doing those kills you can be sure you racked them up
Posted by z iRubz xX on 05 Mar 12 at 18:54
So for the F-34 i've to kill an actual player, not just another jet/vehicle ... sucks as i don't have unlocked anything for jets yet ... not even flares
Posted on 24 Mar 12 at 12:57