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Schizoid is my favorite arcade game and I think it is highly underrated.Schizoid is both fun by yourself, and with another friend offline or online.It has 119 levels and infinity chambers. Now let me explain this awesome action game.

The Heroes

There is a blue ship and there is an orange ship in Schizoid. The ships are your main characters when playing the game. So far its a pretty basic understanding of this game.Now let me explain more about what your fighting.

The Enemies

The enemies in the game are blue and orange, and have weird names so I will just explain what they are. Magnetized chasing scorpion enemies that are pretty large in size. Slippery starfish that find the most irritating way to slip through and kill you. Next enemy is breeding enemies that spawn eggs that turn into any enemy. Various breeding enemies have different ability's some are blue and hatch orange eggs, some breeding forms hatch eggs instantly! Turrets are the next type of enemies which shoot colors at your main ships which can cause utter chaos mixed with various irritating enemies.Our next enemy is a terrible squid-like enemy that swirls colors around him in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Its color is based on whether or not the base of the enemies color is orange or blue, if it is a blue base for example, the color around it would be orange.Last but not least the invincible yellow enemies are impervious to moving into them, unless you got a power-up that could kill them. I will discuss more about these yellow enemies later in the review.

Now why would the enemies be blue and orange? Well now this is when the game makes things crazy! If you are the color blue ship, you can kill enemies that are blue only, simply by touching them. If you are the color orange ship, you can kill enemies that are orange only, of course also simply by touching them. Now the enemies are like magnets they attract to the ships,but depending on the color of the enemy depends on who kills who. Blue enemies no matter what kind of enemy KILLS THE ORANGE SHIP! Orange enemies no matter what kind of enemy KILLS THE BLUE SHIP!

Now for the power ups!

Power ups

Power ups are items that are inside specific levels and requires both ships to touch the power-up to activate its ability. You can also bring power-ups to your partner, computer player, or self if you play on uberschizoid mode.

Smart bomb - This power-up is a symbol of what seems to be an electric bolt and activating it kills anything around its range.

Razer wire -This power-up is a symbol of a Twisted wire in a curl, and activating it creates a wire. The razor wire kills anything within the wires length until it wears out. The wire stretches based on distance. If your close it should be a white color wire. If your around the middle length of stretching it should be yellow color, followed by a quick sudden red color if you continue to stretch further. The yellow color is an indicator that says stop stretching the wire and condense it or it will expire.

Turbo- This power-up is a symbol of Fire and an arrow pointing right. The power-up makes you go fast for a limited time.

Shield- This power-up is not collectable, it only appears on you automatically when you or someone else dies.

Poison- This is a power-down poison, which some enemies carry like a virus or plague. It is best to stay away from those ones until later on because the poison acts instantly and makes you slower and easier to be killed. If you have been Poisoned stand back and try to find a turbo to counter-act this downgrade.

Game Modes

Schizoid has several game modes so I shall explain each individual mode.

Campaign- In this mode you play over 119 levels and must try to complete the game by earning medals based on how many times you die in a level dying three times in a level results in the lowest medal Bronze followed by Silver than the best medal Gold. You get nothing for getting gold all the levels but it does increase the replay ability.

Wingman Bot Training- In this mode you have a computer controlling one ship, you are the other ship which isn't used. He constantly needs support and dies very often. It is very difficult to earn gold but is easy to get use to the controls and your individual ship.

Local co-op mode- In this mode you partner up with a friend and beat countless levels together. I personally loved this mode, as it was very entertaining to watch my partner die repeat ably trying to gold all the levels for fun.

Xbox live co-op mode- In this mode you play over xbox live with other players in a kind of laggy connection. I was glad I did the online on my account and never had to play this mode again. If you do not have a local partner try doing it solo its much more fun than playing this game online.

Single-Level- In this mode if you pass a level you can select it, which makes life easier when attempting to gold levels. I used this frequently and I can say this is the most helpful mode to use.

*WARNING* If you pass the last level with a medal in single play you must play it again in the campaign to unlock the next level, unless its level 119 which is the final level.

Ubershizoid mode- In this mode you are both blue and orange ships, control the blue ship with one stick, and orange ship with the other. Remember which ships which and remember that blue ship kills blue enemies and orange enemies kills the blue ship.The orange ship kills orange enemies and blue enemies kills the orange ship.In this mode make sure you back yourself up to the last level for the hardest achievement, because mixing up ship and enemy colors is a common mistake and will result in a fatal death.


The achievements range in difficulty, for instance if you use some razor wire Ba-Dink achievement unlocked. Corpus Callosum Severed
is the hardest achievement which requires you to beat lv 119 "Ragnarok" on the hardest game mode. Uberschizoid is very difficult and some people claim it is easier to do with multiple people, however that just causes chaos in my opinion. I would much rather do it solo where you don't need to rely on anyone else but yourself.

There are two online achievements out of the full twelve, however they are easy achievements and can be done in fifteen minutes easily.If you can't pass each of the following levels from 1-10 without dying three times on each level then you should practice those levels in Single-Level mode.

Game Grading

Overall its a 9/10 game! or 5/5!

Please remember all games are based on opinion their is no right or wrong its based on what you like and if you like Co-op and hard single player games I would highly recommend this game to you. If you choose not to pay 800 msp for this game and want to use it for something else. Well then I cannot express to those of which have the msp what you are missing. Grab this game up or try a demo see if this is the game for you, either way its 512 MB to download it.

I will give some tips now and end my review thanks for reading whether you liked it or not I highly appreciate you reading through all this.


* Make sure you are getting gold medals. They increase your lives and helps you skip past levels you hate if you have a gold medal on that level.

* To earn a gold medal on a individual level beat it without dying.

* Remember enemies attract to the opposite color use this to your advantage and lure them in and kill them !!!

* Sometimes levels are just a huge pain in the .... well they get hard so I would waste some of those 10 lives! You get NOTHING for getting all gold medals except gratification.

* Checkpoints are every 7 levels

Conclusion of Review

So many games are priced at the 800 msp point cost and it is hard to choose a game based on another users opinion because everyone's opinion is different and since they are not facts no opinion is right. In my opinion this game is one of the coolest arcade games on the marketplace and I have over 200+ arcade games.

Graphics 4/5
The graphics are not terrible and in my opinion the starfish scared me half to death many times.

Sound/Music 3/5
The sound is more ambient if anything nothing really stands out so I just use my playlist of techno.

Gameplay 5/5
The gameplay is where it is at. The weird style of gameplay lures me in and keeps me going to earn every achievement in this quirky game

Replayability 5/5
This game has a lot of game modes and you can always try to get gold medals on every mode .... however you get nothing for doing it but satisfaction, also there is a infinite chamber mode if that doesn't do it for replayability.

Thanks for reading my review for schizoid :]
NINja277Fantastic game that is IMO more overlooked than underrated. Just a warning though to those interested , 200ing this game is not easy due to ubershizoid mode. It is worth the effort though
Posted by NINja277 on 26 Dec 11 at 18:51
djshuvohlWow what a in depth review! I got this game recently and it is a pretty awesome game. +1 to your review
Posted by djshuvohl on 28 Apr 12 at 00:20