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Piggyback Ride

Carry Cpt. MacMillian to safety

Piggyback Ride0
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BROBer manBROBer man66,912
29 Dec 2011
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The first part of the mission shouldn't be the hardest. The part where you drop MacMillian and start fighting near the Ferris Wheel is the hardest part, or at least was for me. One thing I did was went into the ticket booth that should be almost directly in front of where you drop MacMillian. Once there, go prone and wait for your heli. Try to get closer to the door side so enemies don't shoot you up. There will be an occasional grenade so be prepared to throw them back. Take note too that this probably will not work your first time because you probably will be killed when then heli comes. Don't wait forever or they will leave you. The nice part is the game checkpoints a little more than halfway through so if you do mess up, you don't have to wait for the whole thing. Don't worry if you die a couple times, just be patient and you will get it!!!