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(Hedge)Hogging It All Up!

Get all collectibles.

(Hedge)Hogging It All Up!+0.5
3 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.
30 Dec 2011 30 Dec 2011
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The collectibles are the artwork and music tracks you can unlock for completing challenges and acts.

Sufficed to say, rather then listing the items individually with their prerequisites, I'll simply tell you what you need to do to get this achievement.

Completely EVERY challenge for both Modern AND Classic sonic (Rank doesn't matter, as long as you clear the challenge).
Complete EVERY Act for Modern and Classic sonic (This obviously unlocks the challenges).
Get EVERY Red Ring for each Act.

Now, once you've cleared the challenge, you'll notice above the gate that a bell has appeared. Jump and hit that bell, you'll see a music note fly out and bounce around the map. You have 20 seconds to catch that note. Blue notes are for artwork, Gold are for music tracks. You'll need to collec these from ALL 90 challenge gates (Classic and Modern) for the achievement to unlock.

You can tell if you've collected a track or artwork already as the bell will go from shiny gold to dull. If it's dull, it means you've already unlocked the item and you can move on.

Don't forget to check the gates twice, once for modern sonic, once for classic.

There's roughly 150 pieces of artwork and 20 odd music tracks. Check out GAMEFAQ if you are that desperate for a list, but otherwise, do as I listed above and you'll pop this achievement shortly after you finish your last challenge. (This will net you both the "Mad Skillz" and Challenge related achievements too)
iKinetizYou might also want to add that you need all the Red Star Rings as well, as each one will unlock either a piece of artwork or music.
Posted by iKinetiz on 30 Dec 11 at 17:35
count023thanks, forgot about them :)
Posted by count023 on 30 Dec 11 at 23:39
TomGranzZzWow i wasted a friday,saturday,and saturday all night playing and it says i have collection completion 100% but missing 115/122 levels complete.Look at my achievements i beat the game,challenge acts,everything in this piece of crap.So pissed off please help.
Posted by TomGranzZz on 27 May 12 at 08:11
yollom69@TomGranzZz. It's not enough to complete the challenge. You also have to ring the bell above it and catch the note before the time runs out. As count023 says "You can tell if you've collected a track or artwork already as the bell will go from shiny gold to dull. If it's dull, it means you've already unlocked the item and you can move on". Go back and check all the bells are dull.
Posted by yollom69 on 29 Jul 12 at 01:31
Citizen SnickeyMake sure you create a save backup when you're coming close to get this achievement. It glitched for me so I had to play through everything again in order to get it. This seems to be another glitchy Sega/Sonic achievement for some players. Just a heads up, this should be also added to the solution.
Posted by Citizen Snickey on 10 Aug 12 at 22:21
Sir LumboMy screen tells me I have 45/45 challenges completed for both Sonics. I have every red star and skill.

I am 49/50 on the music, missing Diamond Dust and also missing 2 pieces of art.

I should already have unlocked the song, by getting every other bit of music? Any ideas?
Posted by Sir Lumbo on 15 Jan 14 at 22:54
Piston ToyotaI just thought I'd drop a note here to explicitly spell out something about this achievement that none of the solutions are totally clear on: The entries in the character bios and cutscene viewer sections of the collection count for this as well. I wasn't aware of this, and after getting all the music and artwork I assumed it glitched on me. I went on to beat the game and it popped after the credits.
Posted by Piston Toyota on 09 Dec 17 at 10:21
UnfurledEmu75Citizen Snickey is right, its glitched for some people, like me... Fortunatelly I had a backup so only had to redo the red stars from last 5 worlds. The ultimate achievement you get, taking over 20 hours and it's glitched, great work....
Cant assure the reason of the glitch but I had to get 3 achievements (skills, red stars and collectibles) at the same time and only got 2( skills and red stars), maybe thats the reason.
Posted by UnfurledEmu75 on 25 Mar at 14:34
PHO3N1X DOWNThis achievement glitched on me, frustrating
Posted by PHO3N1X DOWN on 09 Apr at 13:14
HieronimusIs there any way to make a backup save, when playing on the One? I really want to avoid having to do a second playthrough.. Really worried, since other achievements have already glitched on me in this buggy game.
Posted by Hieronimus on 01 Jul at 15:20
KJer25@Hieronimus...not to my knowledge. I’m currently playing on X360 and feel that I’m on pace for this to glitch for me. Only 9 challenges left and I’m missing 10 “collectibles.” I’ll have to play the whole game over. I’ll update after I see.
Posted by KJer25 on 02 Jul at 18:56
HieronimusHi KJer25, happy to see you got the achievement yesterday. smile Gives me some hope at least.
Posted by Hieronimus on 04 Jul at 06:56
KJer25It turns out, I missed ringing a bell and catching a music note. Be sure to double check every bell on Classic and Modern Sonic. Everything for me wound up popping just fine. I would recommend playing on the 360, if possible, using a USB thumbstick to make a back up save.
Posted by KJer25 on 08 Jul at 14:28