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Electoon Legend

Completed ALL Medallions.

Electoon Legend0
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To complete a medallion, you must
- find all of the hidden cages (if there are any)
- get enough lums*
- and beat the Electoon time trial (if there is one)

*You do NOT need to obtain the Ribbon Medal (the one that requires you get obtain 350 lums).
Dynasty HeroesWhat does the ribbon medal actually do ?
Posted by Dynasty Heroes on 14 Jan 12 at 19:10
T R U 7 H XNot sure. I think it's purely for replay value.
Posted by T R U 7 H X on 14 Jan 12 at 19:32
Lil Miss Cherryoh thank god for that because i have been just under the ribbon a few times! This seems manageable now!
Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 28 Jan 12 at 15:55
Malebolge PLYeah, i wasted like 3 hours to get all the ribbons in first world and THEN I've checked the achievements... -.-
It aint gonna be that difficult when you have so many checkpoints
Posted by Malebolge PL on 12 Feb 12 at 12:39
KungFuMonk3yThis game tests my patience lol.
Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 24 May 12 at 15:50
RayvenMorriganaThis guide describes how to find all hidden cages and coins (worth 25 lums each!) Very helpful for anyone finding it difficult to hit the lum quotas!
Posted by RayvenMorrigana on 13 Sep 12 at 12:50
YinI completed the Time Trials with each level as I played it, and I got the achievement on 'Don't Mecha Mistake'. It unlocked at the same time as the 'Nitro' achievement.
Posted by Yin on 24 Jan 13 at 16:42
Andre1971I don't understand... If you have to beat all the time trials to win the ALL Medallions achievement, why the NITRO! achievement is more difficult thant the Electoon Legend (more people win the Electoon Legend than the NITRO!)?!?!
Posted by Andre1971 on 24 Dec 13 at 11:50
PuckJunkie@Andre1971: because you only need the easier of the two times shown to get the electoon time trial. To get the NITRO! achievement, you have to get the time trial ribbon, which is the faster time. Beating that time and getting the ribbon is usually substantially harder than filling up the medal.
Posted by PuckJunkie on 12 Jun 14 at 14:58
KirblinxI managed to unlock this when I had completed every other medallion except for Mecha No Mistake. I had not gotten a single electoon on that level (I died too many times and took the option to skip the level), so maybe having no electoons counts as the medal being complete as well? I wonder if you can do that with all the levels (after you have gotten enough electoons to unlock all the levels of course).
Posted by Kirblinx on 06 Feb 17 at 08:51