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For England, Alec

Public Match: As Bond, kill 006 with an explosive device.

For England, Alec+0.8
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02 Jan 2012 01 Jan 2013
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This is how I achieved and worked very well as a group if all cooperate properly.

Game mode: Heros.

Boost: Team of 6 players.

Map selection to aquire 006/Janus: Station, Memorial, Carrier & Sewers.

MI6 team will be random, select a player as bond meet in middle of map you need to kill with proximety bomb LB but it will not kill with 1 blow need to shoot a little have 006 let u know when screen bloody then use LB kill achieve will pop you will need to wait a few seconds as all achievements have a delay (there are other ways to let each other know when red if you prefer another method this is to assist u a guide not hinder).

Happy Hunting

Negtive feed back please xplain don't b weak!
AhayzoInstead of having 006 tell you when they're bloody

Just have someone on MI6 shoot 006 / Janus in the chest 11 times with the pistol, then throw the proxy mine. Easier than relying on someone else who may decide they "aren't bloody enough" to tell you, and get shot to death
Posted by Ahayzo on 03 Mar 12 at 00:38
Thrawn526Thanks to the solution poster as well as the one who posted the previous comment. The eleven shots didn't always work, but there may have been some issue with hitting the arms rather than the chest so that might have been the reason.
Posted by Thrawn526 on 02 Nov 19 at 02:11
MIK813Not a problem an old game & guide now glad it helped.
Happy Hunting
Posted by MIK813 on 02 Nov 19 at 05:11