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Temple of Zukulkan

Awarded for completion of Temple of Zukulkan.

Temple of Zukulkan0
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Skeptical MarioSkeptical Mario1,023,311
03 Jan 2012
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The temple of Zukulkan consists of stages 1-3. There are five levels in each stage for a total of 15 levels. There are only four colors and the levels do not take many points to pass; this is a good place to develop your skill. The fifth level in each stage features two ball tracks instead of one; powerups are more important to manage the flow of balls towards the exit. After level 3-5 there is an amusing cutscene during which the achievement unlocks.

You can start a new adventure game at the beginning of any stage you have reached, but I recommend starting at the beginning to build up a reserve of extra lives and to get more practice.
King KRoolWhat do you mean by starting a new adventure? I'm so bad at this and how do I build up more lives?
Posted by King KRool on 31 Mar 12 at 22:13
Skeptical MarioIf you're trying to beat stage 3 but keep getting stuck on level 3-4, you can choose to start from level 3-1 so that you don't have to do as much. However, I would recommend starting the new game at level 1-1 so that you can build up some extra lives on the easier levels. That way, when you get to level 3-4 you'll have 5 lives instead of 3, and will have had more practice on the levels heading up to it.
Posted by Skeptical Mario on 01 Apr 12 at 02:31
Joker De PabloI played Zuma's Revenge and it is was easier than the original. OMG! Thanks for the guide
Posted by Joker De Pablo on 16 Jun 17 at 16:57
Holy shit! How the fuck did seventy fucking one percent of people have this achievement?! This is so fucking hard!
Posted on 21 Sep at 06:10