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Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After
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Complete 100% of Dragon's Keep (primary profile)

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05 Jan 2012
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Dragon's Keep

* 5 Secret Items
* 12 Treasure Chests
* 3 Baby Dragons to make the last secret appear

* Note: You can not get every collectible here until you have beaten the final level of the game at least once. I highly suggest that you go through the game completely first and then if you are missing anything, you can follow my guide on getting them by replaying the levels with all upgrades. This guide is 100% accurate and I have had others follow this step by step to get the 100%.

Secret #1 - After going in the magic mirror and cross the bridge, blow up the barrels on the top of this island to get Pink Ribbons.

Chest #1 - After passing the witch in the main room instead of creating the bridge to go north, go to the far right and you will find this when fighting some spiders.

Chest #2 - Now go north with the bridge you made and you will see a small treasure.

Secret #2 - To the left of the same area hidden behind the stairs are some waffels.

Chest #3 - In the next area where you have to make a bridge north, instead make a bridge south and walk down the screen and go in the magic mirror. All the way to the left and up is a big chest.

Chest #4 - In the same area go back down and to your right, go up in the middle and you will see this small chest on the bottom.

Dragon #1 - In the same area, go up now and to your right, and then you will have to move some boxes to get the baby dragon.

Chest #5 - Now exit using the magic mirror and go north on the bridge all the way on top by making a bridge to go up now. To the right of the door you will see a chest where you will need to use Puss to get to.

Chest #6 - After the big battle and getting back to the main area and going to the left past the bridge, you'll get to a room where you need to make a laser to cross a bridge to go up. Instead move the mirror all the way to the left to have the laser blow up the barrels to enter an area through the magic mirror. All the way to the right you move some big rocks with shrek to go down and get a big blue chest.

Dragon #2 - You will get this when you go to the left in the same area.

Chest #7 - When you exit the magic mirror and go in the door, the next room all the way to the right use Fiona's upgrade to burn the logs down and enter for a big chest.

Secret #3 - Right beside chest #7 is a wanted poster.

Chest #8 - After the big battle and getting back to the main area and going north, get all the way on top with a purple laser and you will get this small chest.

Chest #9 - In the same room to the right, you will need Fiona's Upgrade to get to this big chest past the logs.

Chest #10 - In the next room, make a bridge to the left and Up to get to the magic mirror. All the way on the bottom where you have to move the rocks down to cross, there is a small chest there.

Chest #11 - Now move the 2 rocks and cross the path on your right and take the left path to get to the big blue chest.

Dragon #3 - Now go back and go to the right and Up to find the last dragon.

Secret #4 - Go and speak to the ginger bread man and he will reveal a heart piece for your work of saving the dragons.

Secret #5 - Get back into the Magic Mirror and to the previous room, now make a bridge to your right. At the end of the hall before going to the door you will see this on top.

Chest #12 - Right beside secret #4.
Hexa FoxHey man I really appreciate you making all these. Most of them are obvious and can not be missed but if you follow a good written guide such as you have it insures you don't miss one Chest or Secret Item and spend forever looking for it.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 02 May 12 at 04:35
MCASguruThanks for the guide - it was easy to find the last chest/secret using this. :D
Posted by MCASguru on 07 May 12 at 22:03