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Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After
Peasant Village Complete

Complete 100% of the Peasant Village (primary profile)

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05 Jan 2012
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Peasant Village

* 5 Secret Items
* 17 Treasure Chests

* Note: You can not get every collectible here until you have beaten the final level of the game at least once. I highly suggest that you go through the game completely first and then if you are missing anything, you can follow my guide on getting them by replaying the levels with all upgrades. This guide is 100% accurate and I have had others follow this step by step to get the 100%.

Chest #1 - First area after using the Magic Mirror, go up and pass the second magic mirror to your left is a small chest.

Chest #2 & 3 - After going back in the Magic Mirror to the top of the screen past a gate that you need Donkey's upgrade is a small and large chest.

Secret #1 - Further through the level, all the way to the right, you will see three guys blocking the way on top and another three blocking the way on the bottom. Use Fiona to push the button in the middle to pull the three guys above towards you, then pass behind them and all the way at the end you will get this Fiona Wanted Poster.

Chest #4 - Right beside the secret #1.

Chest #5 - As soon as you enter the second area after bringing back the bell, you will have to use Fiona to pull the guys on the bottom towards you, go behind them, have a long battle, then move the box to it's spot on the right to open the gate. Knock down a barrel with donkey, carry it back with Shrek to the opening area and to the left blow up the rocks to get to a big blue chest.

Chest #6 - In the next area, after going down the path by using Shrek to push the guys away and then using Donkey to open a gate, on the left side you will get Puss' upgrade from the Ogre. Push the big Block with shrek to be able to cross, then with shrek stand on the block while with Puss you climb on the top right wall and Jump to climb all the way on top to get this small chest.

Chest #7 - Now cross to the right at the end grab a barrel and bring it all the way back down where you passed before to get this big blue chest.

Secret #2 - Right beside the big blue chest is a Pink Ribbon.

Chest #8 - All the way to the Right/Top you will get to a Magic Mirror. Once going in, all the way to the bottom/left you will see this small chest past the Magic Mirror.

Chest #9 - In the main area with the bells, once you return the 3rd bell to it's place, you will see this treasure on top right towards where you have to get to the final area.

Chest #10 - After passing the gate by pushing the big block. Go all the way to the top, behind the castle on the left, you will see a big blue chest.

Secret #3 - Right beside chest #10 is this Fiona Wanted Poster.

Chest #11 - In the next part after going up the gate, instead of following the arrow to go left look on your right. Use Fiona's upgrade to burn through the wood. Far at the right side is a small chest.

Chest #12 - Go up the right bridge and smash the gate open with Donkey's upgrade to get this big blue chest.

Chest #13 - Then go up the left bridge with a watermelon equiped. On the left with a second controller grab the big chest. This is an achievement on its own.

Secret #4 - This is in the same area.

Chest #14 - Now back to the right, use Puss to climb the wall to grab the chest behind the gates. You may need to do this with two controllers also.

Chest #15 - Now all the way to the left, go down to go down one screen to a big blue chest.

Chest #16 & 17 - Next area after you go through the Magic Mirror, on the left all the way to the top you will see a big blue chest and a small one too.

Secret #5 - You will see this right beside the 2 chests which is a Heart Piece.
DrSchlepensteinI just wanted to say thanks for the great guides. I've been using these to 100% all of the levels. But there is something I wanted to give you info on. You don't actually have to beat the last level before going back to 100% everything. You just have to start the last level in order to get Donkey's upgrade, then as soon as the game saves you can exit the level back to the Ogre Camp and start replaying the levels to get 100%.
Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 29 Feb 12 at 02:19