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Freeflow Combo 40

Complete a combo of 40 moves (any play mode)

Freeflow Combo 400
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Angel ManFreddyAngel ManFreddy95,212
26 Aug 2009
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NOTE: I think it's best to do this with the Critical Combo Strikes upgrade, once you get to a certain point early in your combo each hit in that combo will count as x2 in your combo meter. Did I mention the word combo?

This achievement is really about 60% luck and 40% skill. You gotta get lucky enough that the enemies are spread out enough so it doesn't get over-crowded (which my lead to confusion on your part OR it might give Batman an area-of-effect attack where he'll accidentally hit more than one person, which could screw up your flow.)
Here's how I did it. When you first break into the Arkham Mansion there will be a room full of baddies looking for a paper (it's right after the first room where you have to go into the grate on the ceiling). From your position you can glide kick. Do it. It will scare the rest of them and give you time to plan your moves. Now attack each person in a certain order, preferably a circle, so when you get done with the last person the first one you hit will be getting back up and you can keep going. Good thing is that you have a check point right at the start of this area, so you can restart if you mess up. I got to x70 in this area on Hard.
Good luck!
StevivorThe group of thugs in the Mansion area is the PERFECT chance to get this -- top job!
Posted by Stevivor on 31 Aug 09 at 00:12
dropK1CK ninJAI found this spot and attempted it but got frustrated with it. I know it could be accomplished here, I just was having difficulty (I was playing on Hard). I got this on Sewer Bat (extreme). You could use the rope grapple to pull 3 enemies behind you right away to create a circle. The original author is correct: this is like 40% luck too.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 28 Sep 09 at 20:35
TheHolySammichThanks this got me the achievement! Top guide by far ;)
Posted by TheHolySammich on 06 Apr 10 at 18:54
Jackov SpadesCheers. Guide made this super easy.
Posted by Jackov Spades on 22 Aug 10 at 10:19
sonnyforpleCan be tough but I found clearing out a few enemies, saving, then coming back made this much easier. Good spot for this achievement.
Posted by sonnyforple on 22 Oct 11 at 02:48
Barad 007I have the critical combo strikes upgrade but how do I get it to work exactly? I've never seen my combo go up in 2's after each hit.. when my combo goes yellow and I start hitting everyoen faster it still only goes up 1x per hit..
Posted by Barad 007 on 25 Oct 12 at 17:52
Angel ManFreddyIt's automatic, so I'm not sure what this problem would be. I haven't played this in at least a year, but I believe once you get to x5 in your combo it starts going up in twos (could be wrong). All I can say is make sure you have the upgrade, sorry!
Posted by Angel ManFreddy on 28 Oct 12 at 15:37
FEAR PointMan24Does it matter what difficulty you beat the challenges on?
Posted by FEAR PointMan24 on 14 Jun 16 at 04:46