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The Egomaniac

A Hero must choose 'The Needs of the One'.

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23 Oct 2008
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At the final confrontation in the Spire, you will be offered 3 choices, each with an achievement. For this achievement choose the "Wealth" card.

save beforehand and exit to dashboard after the achievement unlocks but before the cutscene ends and it autosaves. then reload and pick another option for the other achievements
SuicidalWallyIs there anyway to get the other two after the cutscene ends and it autosaves?
Posted by SuicidalWally on 11 Nov 08 at 05:38
Madlmax120replaying a new file from the start is the only way.
you have to exit to dash before the cutscene ends. or just as it starts to be sure.
Posted by Madlmax120 on 11 Nov 08 at 16:09
StoodBridgeIt's funny to use the "glitch" so you get all three :p
Posted by StoodBridge on 14 Jan 09 at 16:15
DAVOLICIOUSYou can also make a backup save to a memory unit, and then finish the game on your hard drive save, just in case you miss it...
Posted by DAVOLICIOUS on 14 Aug 09 at 16:00
QuarantaneI had done 2 of these, but ended up watching one all the way. Just finished my new playthrough for this achievement.

positive vote. Wish I didn't have to do it again, but since my x-box was stolen I had to anyways for See the Future.
Posted by Quarantane on 14 Dec 09 at 10:40
Leon Kowalski@DAVOLICIOUS: I have the Platinum Hits edition and the dashboard will not let me copy my save file between the hard drive and my memory unit (I get the message "This item cannot be transferred between storage devices").

I wonder if I could put the save on the MU, then pull out the MU right before making the choice. Perhaps that would work if the game doesn't pause like when a controller shuts off.
Posted by Leon Kowalski on 28 Jan 10 at 19:18
evovitmepersonally i just switched off my xbox immediately after each achievement popped
Posted by evovitme on 13 Feb 10 at 18:09
CadmusTheDragonSpoilers............... For anyone who went with this choice as your final selection and wants to get their dog back, you can go to Knothole Island with the DLC and use the Cheet-Ur's Crypt to get your dog back. This is the only structure in the grave yard as soon as you enter the village on the island. Just lead in a human sacrifice and your dog gets resurrected.
Posted by CadmusTheDragon on 07 Jun 10 at 11:50