Alice: Madness Returns Review by Silent Dirge

Silent DirgeSilent Dirge141,441
15 Jan 2012
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Alice: Madness Returns is a delightfully sick and twisted approach to a children's fairy tale.

At first glance I assumed Alice to be a game for children most likely related to the adaptation of Alice In Wonderland that was released in 2010. I obviously did not notice the game's rating being M and Alice herself holding a knife but regardless I had overlooked it. After having it recommended to me by a friend, Darkspirit1167 I decided to give it a chance. I was happily surprised when I was thrust into a dark, bloody imagining of wonderland complete with all it's inhabitants with a frightening overhaul.

The game's graphics are stunning. Alice has environments that are colorful and vibrant but it also has those that are ominous and gory which really makes you believe that Alice ( the protagonist ) is insane which technically she is.

Game play focuses on the two aspects of exploration/platforming and combat. Traversing wonderland is fun and doesn't have those annoying platforming moments most other action adventure games have. Combat feels reminiscent of games like Dante's Inferno or God Of War but remains different enough so it isn't lumped into that category.

Though the game has quite a few collectibles their not solely for achievements as they are in most other games. They add to the story if you care to find them much like Alan Wake. Alice also has a considerable amount of replay value due to the different difficulty levels and plentiful weapon upgrades.

Overall I found Alice: Madness Returns to be brilliant game with very little flaws. 5 out of 5 from me.