CSI: Hard Evidence Review by AnimalNikki89

27 Aug 2009
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CSI: Hard Evidence is the only CSI game out on the XBOX. There are 1000Gs up for grabs, and 5 achievements to do so in, making it 200Gs per achievement.

Game play: 6/10
You are the newest recruit on the team. You instantly get stuck into your first crime scene. There are only 5 Crime Scenes to work your way through. Each crime scene you get paired up with one of the night shift CSI's. This partner can usually give you hints if you are stuck about what to do next, where to go, how to get a warrant or what evidence can be collected. In each crime you have to uncover evidence, interview suspects and witnesses.

Graphics: 7/10
The other CSI's look like their TV characters, but sometimes they can go a bit cross-eyed. There are several locations in Vegas, but there is not much going on apart from the things that are relevant to solving the case or getting thoroughness points.

Sound/Music: 5/10
The actors from the TV series provide the voices for the characters. The music is the same as in the TV series, making you feel more like you are part of the CSI team.

Difficulty: Very easy
CSI: Hard Evidence is a very easy game. There are options which allow you to select how easy it is for you to select the correct equipment from the case which all CSI's carry around. No matter how many hints you ask for, thoroughness points you get (or don't get) or bugs that you collect (or don't collect) you can still get the achievement. You have to find all the clues and/or ask all the questions before moving on to the next scene/location/warrant.

Other information
The game can take a while to load the different locations. Also the buttons that move where you look and your pointer are a bit random.
The easiness to get the achievements begs for improvement as you can get any rank in each of the crimes and still get 200Gs for working out the culprit.

This game gets 2 stars for shortness and easiness, but 4 because it is short and easy. Although when it is done it is finished, so I would recommend renting it rather than buying it.