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Studio Time

Create a GH™Studio song

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16 Jan 2012 25 Sep 2014
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From the main menu head into GHTMStudio and GHMixTM 2.0 from there.

You'll now be taken to where you can create a song, press the Red button to open the record menu and then either Green or Red to enter record mode. Hit at least one note to add it to the highway.

Press cn_start and scroll down to Save and on the naming screen press cn_start again and the achievement will pop.

Here's a video demonstration.
n0odlesThanks for the video. I couldn't blood figure out how to record. Never occured to me to strum facepalm
Posted by n0odles on 14 Feb 12 at 22:21
Spilner:) you're welcome
Posted by Spilner on 15 Feb 12 at 04:09
troyoyThankyou for making it dummy proof. Some of this stuff is harder to figure out than it should be. And some solutions are just no help at all. 2 thumbs up :)
Posted by troyoy on 08 Jun 12 at 21:44