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Jawa Juicer

Crush 5 Jawas by using the grinder in the Garbage Processing Room

Jawa Juicer0
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28 Aug 2009
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A bit after the droid torture room you will drop into the Garbage Processing Room. You should notice a large conveyor belt leading into a grinder. There will be several Jawas around the room for you to throw into it. If you run out of Jawas they will come out of a hole in the wall until you use Proxy to move the grinder. (Now if only I could throw him in there so I feel truly evil)
MetaltildeaI know this is old but I just played this, and you can throw proxy in the grinder :) he re-spawns afterwards.
Posted by Metaltildea on 13 Apr 13 at 23:54
OperativeEmeralYou two are horrible people.
Posted by OperativeEmeral on 09 May 17 at 13:27