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7 Day Survivor

TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Survive for at least 7 days.

7 Day Survivor0
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Go here:

The page contains all the information you'll need to plan out an efficient 7 Day Survivor run. It features:
A schedule of every survivor and psychopath's appearance and disappearance, and the food they drop.
A list of all food that can be found around the mall
A list of safe places to hide in every area.
A list of clocks so you can tell the time – Frank's lost his watch in Infinity Mode.

You'll notice by reading the schedule that the survivors tend to spawn and despawn in groups (That is, at the same time, not the same place). So your plan of action should be, every time a new group appears, go around killing them and collecting their food. Once your inventory is full, wait until your health depletes and then use the food before moving on. If you've killed all of the survivors currently available, wait somewhere safe until a new group spawns, and only leave when you've recently healed yourself.

In order to get the most out of your food you will need the 3 health books, whose locations are listed in the article. You also need to know how many squares of health each item restores so that you do not waste anything. To find out, go here:
(multiply all values by 3 if you are carrying the books – which you absolutely should be)

If you are killing enough survivors and not getting hit excessively then you will be accumulating full-heal items faster than you use them. I am not very good, getting grabbed by zombies fairly often, but I ended up hauling around three pizzas I got on day 1 for the entire game. So don't panic about running out of food. In fact, don't feel that you need to kill absolutely every survivor, either. Many of them only drop a 1-health item, which is hardly worth the trip depending where they are. The guide helpfully highlights the ones carrying a significant amount of food.

Make sure you don't pick up larger healing items that are lying around the mall unless you really need to. As I just said, your inventory will likely be well stocked with the spoils from killing survivors. Picking up the static items just means you have to schlep them around with you instead of having them waiting for you in a predictable place. Picking up the smaller things that only heal 1-2 blocks (sans books) is okay. You'll use them more quickly so they won't clog up your inventory too much.

Special notes:
1.Heed the schedule's warning about the Food Court bug. You don't want to lose your progress half way through.
2.As it says, when you unlock 5 Day Survivor the laser sword is there right away, so use it. If you quit the game without dying you will not be able to use it in future games, though.
3.The page is wrong about this at least: you can kill people more than once. I've done it with at least Kent and the sniper family.

Anyway, this isn't too hard, just time consuming. Good luck and I hope the information is useful to you. Armed with exact knowledge about where and when every enemy spawns, I'm sure you'll agree this mode is a lot less intimidating than it might have otherwise been.
Impaled Germneeds more positive votes, this is the best guide ive seen yet.
Posted by Impaled Germ on 07 Jan 10 at 05:19
jaganshihieiyyhWhy thank you!
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 07 Jan 10 at 05:54
SK Diabolic1 more positive from me. :) i havent got 7 day yet but im currently working on it now.
Posted by SK Diabolic on 28 Feb 10 at 05:23
Suydam1The only difficulty I found while doing this achievement is not going insane from the boredom of watching Frnaks health slowly tick down. (I'm not good at entertaining myself)
Posted by Suydam1 on 16 Aug 10 at 06:35
x G xxxSo, I am doing this achievement on the date and time that I post this. Out of my first impressions, this guide is GREAT (already voted positive).

I feel like this is TOO easy, right now I am sitting pretty on a ton of full health food, which means I can last a long time before I need to feed again. Do I constantly want to be eating snacks, I feel like its easier to eat 1 full health food and then wait another long period of time. By the time anybody probably see's this I will already have it so don't worry.

I just wanted to throw that idea out there for anyone else who might do this achievement soon.
Posted by x G xxx on 04 Sep 10 at 05:08
jaganshihieiyyhWell, I don't know if you'll have enough full heals to do that... besides, you get them in the same boxes as the snacks a lot of the time, so you might as well pick up everything. (And obviously it's more efficient use of your inventory to eat smaller things first). But like I say in the guide, if someone just drops, like, cookies, and they're in the frickin' maintenance tunnels or somewhere, don't even bother to go for them. You'll probably get hit a few times and it'll be a wash.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 04 Sep 10 at 05:16
x G xxxexactly, so just an update, I am on day 3. Getting really tired! But I was wondering, do the psychopaths respawn after you kill them.

For example, I already killed Sniper Carlito earlier, does that mean he wont respawn again?
Posted by x G xxx on 04 Sep 10 at 10:15
x G xxxOh for the record:

I am on day 4, and this guide is AMAZING. I took your advice on using snacks, therefore, I am using the small snacks that are lying around the mall so that I don't waste my "big ticket items"

I already know not to go into the FC, just read my above post regarding the pyscho's and let me know.

Thanks for this guide man.
Posted by x G xxx on 04 Sep 10 at 11:06
jaganshihieiyyhYeah, I think psychos respawn, or at least some do.

"3.The page is wrong about this at least: you can kill people more than once. I've done it with at least Kent and the sniper family."

A later, closer reading of the wiki guide reveals they only said SURVIVORS don't come back, so they weren't actually wrong.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 04 Sep 10 at 17:30
x G xxxFirst off, just to add to this already stellar guide, everyone who is about to attempt this achievement should first INSTALL the game onto their HD. This way, your disc and console are not working for the entire 14 hours that is required for this achievement.

The main part of this comment is to warn people that on day 5/6 whenever Kent appears in the warehouse, (i blacked out due to boredom), BE CAREFUL!!!!

I cannot stress enough this part. Due to the close quarters Kent's flying wall kick will beat you down immensely. Partnered with zombies chomping your ankles, I nearly died, I escaped with 1 health block. Just be careful. Good luck, HULU helped me out a lot from killing myself
Posted by x G xxx on 07 Sep 10 at 17:05
Leo AscendentGreat guide, I'm on day....3 maybe 4, hard to tell.... was gonna use the non confront guide, but decided against it and Im glad, killing psychos/survivors is the only thing keeping me sane (no cpu or anything, using phone), so far so good, over half way.... I think.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 03 Dec 10 at 08:45
TrombonafideThese are my best non-gameplay tips to getting this achievement.

-Find ways to amuse yourself. You're going to be spending the better part of 14 hours doing nothing except pressing a button every 20 minutes.
-While you have to keep yourself sane, pay attention! I let my attention slip 8 hours in on my first time and had to watch helplessly as Frank died. Nothing is worse.
-Find a good, dedicated friend who you can spend the time with, Sitting alone for 14 hours is depressing.
-If you do fail, don't be foolish and try it again the next night like I did. Take a break for a day or two and come back to it refreshed.
Posted by Trombonafide on 12 Oct 11 at 20:55
FlandersFanClubWTF!!!! i just got over 6 days and it freezes on me, thats twice now i know about the food ct on day 5 its really doing me in, i only got a 20g hd so i put all my dlc on usb sticks and riped the game to my hd and it still freezes, any suggestions please:)
Posted by FlandersFanClub on 09 May 13 at 16:35
jaganshihieiyyhI don't know of any other issues with the game itself than the food court one. If I had to guess I'd say your Xbox is getting hot being on so long.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 09 May 13 at 19:20
Easy to mistake days 4 & 5. The food court glitch is day 5, not day 4 as claimed in the wiki.

Add the following to your guide:

This thing keeps your time, tells you where people are at the time youre on, where food is & what its worth depending on the books you carry & you can sychronize the time. ie. 0:13:00 for Day 1, 1pm.
Posted on 25 Sep 13 at 23:22
jaganshihieiyyhThe wiki schedule numbers from "day 0" so by that reckoning, it's correct to say the glitch happens on day 4. Or to put it another way, those time stamps are saying X number of days have passed. At the beginning of day 5, 4 days have passed. Might be confusing in the abstract, but anyone following the schedule for the whole run would know when the glitch period begins.

I have heard of that utility because it was posted in another solution. I don't really believe in cannibalizing content from an existing solution so I didn't add it. Plus I have never used it myself.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 26 Sep 13 at 08:41
ColeTrain4EVERBrad, I'm gonna tell you something that I found very helpful with this achievement. Talk to others while doing it. I made a call with my skype group and we all talked for the 14 (or at least most of them). It really kept me from falling asleep or getting too board. I suggest you try and get some friends together to do something like that.
Posted by ColeTrain4EVER on 29 Mar 14 at 23:31
poochz0rzI had three or four survivors not show up in the places they were said to be. Adam never showed up in Paradise Plaza, Sean never showed up in the movie theater, and Brock wasn't on the helipad, which was crucial to my 17-day attempt. Ended up dying after 9 because I wasn't paying attention but I don't know if these people got the times wrong or something is wrong with my game.
Posted by poochz0rz on 05 Apr 14 at 18:37
Posted by RABBID W0LF on 02 Sep 14 at 15:07
NicholiGinavaefI've always passed the time killing as many things as possible, basically running amok - there is so much food its not really a worry - the only thing to watch out for is the main bad guys, each has a near 1 hit kill (down to one block left if hit). If you stick to ranged attack, they shouldn't be a bother. I didn't use ranged attack and they were quite a bother on some play throughs >.< . About Adam in Paradise plaza - you gotta be really quick to get to him, he spawns inside of a huge massive clump of zombies - they will kill him quick if you don't clear it out. Sean and Brock also often get killed. Just need to know exactly where they spawn and hoof it over to them to help them out so you can get the kill.
Posted by NicholiGinavaef on 07 Apr 15 at 17:07
Punk NineCats
Posted by Punk Nine on 16 Jul 15 at 11:11
jaganshihieiyyhI wrote this solution 7 years ago (!) so I can't remember how many I killed. I would suggest killing the sniper family that spawns early on, for sure, because they are conveniently located in the park and drop a ton of food. For anything else I would just decide as you go. Based on how much you have, how much static food you have used, how hard the psycho is to get to and kill, etc. There's way, way more than you need to get through seven days.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 30 Aug 16 at 03:48
Octobot SuperIs the real mega buster absolutely 100% required? I unlocked it, my save got erased, then I attempted to get it again and lost about an hour and a half of zombie killing progress so I'm pretty fed up at this point trying to unlock the damn thing
Posted by Octobot Super on 17 Aug 19 at 10:32
peeveen@October Super: I wouldn't want to do it without it.

I would suggest that the "non-confrontational" bit of this guide is slightly alarmist. Most psycho's or survivors are dispatched with 1-5 shots of the Megabuster, which is like 2 seconds of fighting. Even if they get a few lucky shots into you, the food they give out (tripled in effectiveness with the books) is usually way WAY more than enough to make it worthwhile. I only fought about six of them and got the achievement with a full day's worth of OJ in reserve, and I didn't even need to go into the park to risk a run-in with the convicts.

In ascending order of threat, the biggest dangers in getting this achievement are: survivors, psychos, zombies, boredom.
Posted by peeveen on 01 Nov 19 at 10:05
Callsign ReconThis was far, far less difficult than i thought it would be. With a mega buster and a level 50 character, You shouldn't have any issues. Just for perspective, i didn't touch a single food item in the mall until 8d - 22h - 20 min since that's when the psycho food ran out, and then off of the mall food i lasted until 14d - 0h - 2 min but then died after falling asleep on my keyboard since i had been awake for 28 hours (I didn't even get to the food in the north plaza/tunnels). The hardest part is finding the time to do it, along with trying to stay awake.
Posted by Callsign Recon on 27 Jan at 13:26