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Nigeria Dossier

Complete all objectives in Nigeria on 007 difficulty or higher.

Nigeria Dossier+0.7
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There are three levels you'll have to complete on 007 difficulty with all the optional objectives for this achievement. I'll just cover the optional ones in this guide.


Primary Objectives – unmissable
Disable the Drone Guns (9)
Destroy the ammunition caches (3)

*Drone gun #1: Pointed out by Bill Tanner. It will be right in front of you as you move forward.

*Drone gun #2: Shortly after the 1st. Stick to the left and subdue the one guard. Look down where he was standing and you'll see the console to hack.

*Drone gun #3: Shortly after the 2nd. Run to the rocks that the drone is on and crouch down then slowly move towards the console which is opposite it on a rock.

*Drone gun #4: After a checkpoint. Keep moving until you reach a place you can go left through some water. The console will be straight ahead of you when you come out.

*Drone gun #5: After another checkpoint. Head along until you reach a waterfall. If you look up you'll see the console. It is possible to hack it from below.

*Drone gun #6: Shortly after the 5th. Carry on from where you were and you'll see it looking down at you. Sprint to the cave to the left and follow it round and the console will be in front of you back out in the open.

*Drone gun #7: is after you're told over the phone that you're coming up to a camp. Keep to the outside edge and move around and you'll eventually come to the console.

**Ammunition Cache #1: After the enemy camp. Shoot the lock and go through the door. Take a right, kill the guy, look right and you'll see it, shoot it once then run. Note: you'll alert all the enemies in the area doing this.

*Drone gun #8: Right after the ammo cache. Head down the stairs and take a left then go into the room and the console is right in front of you.

**Ammunition Cache #2: After the 8th drone. Go down the stairs, take a right and run to the end. Go up left into the building and you'll see the cache.

*Drone gun #9: Towards the waypoint. Head towards the gate and you'll see it up on your right, duck into the building it's on top of and you'll find the console inside.

**Ammunition Cache #3: During the helicopter 'fight' part. As you work your way through this section you'll see a building on your right with a gold satellite on it. On the roof with the satellite is the last cache.


Primary Objectives – unmissable
Disable the perimeter defenses (2)

This is a very straightforward objective. You'll know when you're inside the plant. On the same floor you enter (so before taking the elevator down), take out all the enemies and you'll see two control rooms on either side of the area. Inside each if you look up at the computer monitors there is something to hack on the wall. Do this on both sides to complete this objective and disabling the perimeter defenses #1 and #2.


Primary Objectives – unmissable

There you go! Your last Dossier achievment.
ivorjenkinsI completed all of this and every objective in every mission on 007 difficulty and gor the 007 achievement for completing every objective on every mission on 007 difficulty but did not get this achievement ... how does that make sense? has anyone else had this problem??
Posted by ivorjenkins on 22 Mar 12 at 14:39
JEDI SCHRO 1What Metaljunkie93 forgot to mention, the perimeter defenses are after the first elevator and is in the room with the honeycomb floor.

Ivorjenkins, if you are playing this on just 007 difficulty, go thru your missions select and see what mission is lower than 007, and if you are still having problems just replay the level from the start and make sure you get everything.
Posted by JEDI SCHRO 1 on 12 Nov 12 at 13:34