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Posted on 18 January 12 at 03:31, Edited on 18 January 12 at 07:33
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Volition has planned three big single-player downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third, the first of which is Genkibowl VII. I'm really hoping the next two have more to offer than this one does.

Essentially, if you liked Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax activities from the main game, you'll probably like this, as it essentially adds 8 new instances of Professor Genki, albeit in different forms than you're used to. There are four new types of activities, with 2 instances of each. Here's the rundown:

1. Apocalypse Genki
This is the most like the original SERC. There are some new ways to kill mascots (like throwing them into water, allowing a shark to eat them), but it more or less feels the same as before, just in a more jungle-like setting. I never really liked SERC, so this activity wasn't for me, but if you liked SERC, you'll probably like this too.

2. Super Ethical PR Opportunity
This was a much more interesting activity. You are tasked with picking up Professor Genki, and to please him by murdering anything you see living. After you run over a few people, you're given the opportunity to use the flamethrowers equipped to Genki's car to roast people. You must also avoid chase vehicles, as they will annoy the Professor. If the pleasure meter fills up before the annoyance one does, you must finally take Genki to his PR gig, completing the activity. This was probably the most well put together activity from this DLC, and roasting people is pretty funny.

3. Sexy Kitten Yarngasm
This could have been the best activity if it weren't some truly horrible controls. It's essentially a spin-off of the Mayhem activity, except you control a giant ball of yarn. You're still tasked to rack up enough damage before the time runs out, with various high value targets spread around. I loved Mayhem, and I thought I would love this, but the yarn just doesn't move very well. The moving controls just don't function well enough, and some skinny telephone poles or dumpsters who are an eighth your size prevent you from moving forward. It becomes really annoying, really quickly.

4. Sad Panda Skyblazing
This is definitely the most unique activity. You start by jumping out of a helicopter (while in a panda costume that can sort of fly, of course). From there, you can choose to fly through various rings, or hit various ethical or unethical balloons, that give you more height, or by killing group of mascots on various building. The more rings you fly through, mascots you kill or ethical balloons you hit, the more money you earn, with a set goal you must achieve before completing the activity. Once you reach that goal, you mus land in a specific area to finish. The flying controls take a little getting used to, but it becomes pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

The only other thing the DLC adds is a few new weapons (such as a chainsaw and a sword) as well as some new costume pieces, vehicles, homies and deliveries (including the big ball of yarn). I would generally be alright with all of this if the DLC didn't last only one hour, even with trying to get all the achievements (which are really easy to obtain). That's really short for 560 MS points. If they had added around 4 instances of each activity instead of just two, or even had more activities, it would have justified the price more. But as is, I would only get this DLC if you want to always have 100% in Saints Row: The Third (like I do) or you REALLY love Professor Genki. Here's hoping the next DLCs have more content.

I give this DLC 2/5 stars.
PanicButton16 no one should buy this it's terrible absolutely terrible. DON'T BUY THIS DLC!!!
Posted by PanicButton16 on 21 Jan 12 at 06:18