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A Life Without Regrets...

View the true Freedom ending.

A Life Without Regrets...0
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21 Jan 2012
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The above solution is good, but I did something that I thought might've been easier if you're only looking to get this ending. What I did was I started a new file, on easy, and skipped every cut scene possible. I never responded to any texts and never talked to a single person (dream world or at the bar). This way your chaos meter will never raise or lower. The only time it will raise or lower are when you answer the confessional questions. And since there is an even number of them (not sure how many off the top of my head maybe 10?) I just alternated between "good" and "bad" answers so that my meter stayed in the middle at all times. If you get to a question where you aren't sure which answer will be "good" or "bad" use this guide provided at this website.

Then when you get to stage 9 use these answers; (9-2): No, (9-3): No, (9-4): left option.

Again the above guide may be better if you're looking to make a save file so you don't have to play the game another time for a different ending.
Robster80Did what you said, and it worked. Fastest playthrough I ever had of Catherine. Thumb's up, man!
Posted by Robster80 on 04 Mar 13 at 06:38
magikman79He asks more like 15 or 16 questions, & it's Law & Chaos, not really good & evil, but your method worked & got me the achievement, Thanks!
Posted by magikman79 on 04 Feb 15 at 16:45