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NHL 09

NHL 09
NHL 09
EA Sports™ Hockey League Legend

As the lead NHL® 09 Profile unlock your EA Sports™ Hockey League Legend card

EA Sports™ Hockey League Legend0
7 guidesDiscontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.
30 Aug 2009 30 Aug 2009
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Create a game in OTP lobby, and have your friend quickly join. Each take one side and ready up. This will start the game, hopefully before anyone else gets in. One person plays goalie, the other forward. If you're good on the face-off take center, but otherwise take a wing so as not to lose team stats by losing the face off. The forward should try to concentrate on not giving the puck away and position, poke check/hit if possible. The person playing G moves out of the net, allowing the other to score 3 quick goals (2 and 1 assist is ok as well). Once the game hits the 5 minutes played mark and the forward has 3 points, the goalie quits. The forward's stats are boosted, and he gets credit for the win/game played as long as it's after 5 minutes. The other person's goalie stats take a hit, but this doesn't affect their forward. Basically, you're dropping your goalie, but raising your forward, which is all you need. I brought my friend up from B- to A- and his card within about 25 games. This is by far the quickest way I've found to boost stats, and speed up games played as well. Your DNF doesn't seem to track OTP games, as mine still says 4% (which is from Ranked vs. games). 8)
PlantsuI got this achievement just playing. No need for boost.
Posted by Plantsu on 13 Oct 09 at 06:42
CrazyC0330^ Why join a site with guides for how to get achievements and then call everyone an achievement whore? Ohhh, you're soo good at hockey. We bow to your greatness. Douchebag.
Posted by CrazyC0330 on 27 Jan 11 at 12:24