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This game is a real gem amongst a cobblestonian sea of modern first person shooters. It has everything I like in a game: a very compelling story, an interesting (and colourful!) set of environments, and quite solid controls. Combine that with a unique mesh of RPG and FPS elements, and you have a quite the stunner.

While the game does suffer a bit from repetition (which can be easily overlooked due to just how FUN the gameplay is) it offers enough player customization, streamlined loot/inventory mechanics, and ample non-linearity to make it rise up above the rest. I only hope the sequels feel the same for me. If you like other RPG/FPS mixes like Fallout or Borderlands, then you'll feel right at home here, as long as you can deal with a bit more of a guided hand throughout.

Now would you kindly play this game, please?