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Veteran Hunter

Complete 5 Terrorist Hunt missions at any difficulty.

Veteran Hunter0
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24 Oct 2008
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This shouldn't be hard at all if you keep the difficulty low and the enemy density low. All you have to do is finish five levels.

If you have a friend on XBOX LIVE then this will prove even easier - as will turning Lone Wolf off if you are attempting it on your own.

However, If you are brave I recommend doing it in realistic as you can work towards the achievement for finishing all of the terro hunts on the hardest setting.
mfbhrtsDoes this have to be five different maps, or can I play the same map five times?
Posted by mfbhrts on 18 May 12 at 14:06
SolidTooth3160Can be on the same mission/map 5 times for cheivo.
Posted by SolidTooth3160 on 04 Jul 16 at 17:33