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Score Duel Champ

Win 20 Score Duel ranked matches

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hard eurohard euro101,613
21 Aug 2008
21 1 5
Just win 20 ranked games. A tie does not count as a win, and if the opponent disconnects before you see the score screen at the end, it is not counted as a win.
napoearthIf you plan on boosting this expect about ten to twelve songs per hour, so for two people that is just shy of four hours.
Posted by napoearth on 16 Feb 11 at 22:50
BARTLEBEEis this glitched? cuz i SWEAR i've done well over 20 on various instruments and i STILL have yet to unlock it...
Posted by BARTLEBEE on 12 Jul 11 at 18:34
KnifetotheeyeHaving the same problem, up to about 30 wins now and no cheevo :(
Posted by Knifetotheeye on 15 Feb 12 at 20:24
KnifetotheeyeNevermind, it finally popped after 35-40 matches.
Posted by Knifetotheeye on 16 Feb 12 at 07:19
Sam PardonJust a heads up for the few people that still need this. Apparently if you have previously unlocked this achievement on a different account you can play with that account signed in on the same save file(locally) and it this will unlock after just one match.

I am not entirely certain if this works every time but this is what happened for me. I played one match and unlocked 3 achievements: This one, the other 20 wins achievement but oddly enough only the 5 consecutive wins achievement for the game mode I was playing. I had to play 5 matches in the other game mode to unlock the final online achievement.

My guess is that something similar happened as described in the "The More I See" achievement solutions in Guitar Hero: Metallica where you can unlock the achievement by just playing a song locally with an account that has previously unlocked the achievements by meeting the intended requirements.
Posted by Sam Pardon on 30 Jul 19 at 16:46