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Chapter 1
This is a written walkthrough for those who cannot view or simply do not like using video walkthroughs.

A little introduction to this chapter. This is the first chapter and probably the easiest. This game is extremely difficult in terms of gameplay and the controls take some getting used to, with that said, some parts will be more difficult than others. I notice people getting stuck on certian parts of the game and that's why I decided to write this walkthrough. I'll try to be more extensive and specific when explaining the harder parts of the game.

Note that this walkthrough was played through on the hardest difficulty.

-The chapter begins and you are on the ground in a crashed train. If you want you can turn around and grab Amy's rabbit. It will be stored in your inventory but I have no clue what it's actually for. It disappears if you die.
-As you begin, turn Lana right. Run to the end of the train until you see the zombified train worker lying on the ground. Take the weapon next to him and then go into the bathroom and grab the health stimulant on the sink. There is nothing else you need so you can head in the opposite direction and get off the train.
- When you exit the crashed train there will be a zombie to your immediate right and If you'd like there is also a health stimulant in a garbage to your left. Either way kill the zombie, grab the health, and move the boxes.
-If you keep running straight, passed the locked building and passed the building with all the bodybags there is another weapon and 2 more health stimulants; one on a bench and another on the ground. If you pass in between the buildings and run in-between the parked train and the crashed train there is a weapon at the end of that pathway. Most likely you'll encounter another zombie somewhere during this exploration. On hard mode he spawns in a couple different spots. So just be ready for him.
- Once you've explored/collected what you need, run past the electrified fence to Marcello. Watch a cut scene and continue onwards.
-You need to cut power. GO to the locked door that you passed earlier. Marcello gives you a "DNA cracker". Listen to what he has to say and he'll tell you the DNA you need is one of 4 dots that appear on the lower right-hand portion of the screen. For this walkthrough I'm gonna just ignore the other dots and put you where you need to be. You need to get back onto the crashed train. Go to where the dead train worker was. Scan the DNA and then fight that dead train worker. Make sure you have a fresh weapon because if yours breaks then you'll probably be killed.
-Now you have the DNA. Go back to the locked door. Unlock it, unfortuneately there is nothing in this room. Now you have to figure out some little mini puzzle lock. The placement of the shapes for this puzzle are usually random. You have 5 chances to put the shapes in their proper places.
-Once you've shut the power off go through the electrified fence. It's possible another monster spawns near the fence or near the parked train. Kill him.
-Once through the fence take a right. Move the debris away from the bathroom. Go into the bathroom to find Amy and another fresh weapon. You get an achievement for finding Amy.
-Now, exit the bathroom and take the pathway to the next locked door. Hold Amy's hand and send her through the small hole in the wall. Make her hit the switch to open the door. Receive the radiation detector (the red, yellow, green light on Lana's back) and walk through the next door.
-Hold Amy's hand and make her hack the next door. After this you should hit a checkpoint.
-Follow the pathway and you come to a locked area(you'll see a sign that says "TO MAIN STREET" there is another fresh weapon here. Continue forth and the game tells you to hug the wall and cross the big hole in the floor. Make your way across and more often than not there will be a zombie right around the corner for you to fight. Careful, because on hard mode this guy takes 10 hits to kill. Sometimes this zombie wont be there.
-Once he's dead, take your first left. Then another left and unlock the door so Amy and Marcello can come through. There is also another health stimulant behind you.
-Take Amy, and make a left towards the small office. You need to get her into that little office area so she can unlock the next area. So again hold Amy's hand, make her crawl through the hole in the wall, make her hit the button, then retreive her from the same hole.
-Go to the next area and see a bunch of locked up zombies and a small cutscene. Hold Amy's hand, go straight and press the button and prepare yourself to run. Now this part is without a doubt the hardest part in all of chapter 1. On hard mode you need to run. Also for the correct pathway out follow Marcello. It may be difficult because sometimes the zombies will catch up with you and they'll suck out AMy's energy and kill you. Other times if you run to close to the fench Amy will get glitched into it or by a zombie. Either way there are no weapons in this area and there is no health. So if you try to fight the zombies your weapon will break and you will die. On easy mode you can fight them all and be cool. This is also AMAZINGLY frustrating because if you die here you will have to start all the way back at the checkpoint(after amy hacks that door). And it's quite easy to die here. Most of the time Amy will get stuck on the fence and a zombie will get her. If you run to slow they'll get you. So this part is amazingly annoying.
-Once you make it past this part and lock the door behind you, follow the pathway and come up to 2 locked doors. One needs an orange passkey; I have no clue where or how to find this, as far as I know it doesn't exist. Marcello unlocks the other door. Now you come to a puzzle room in which you need to use Amy and Lana in an exact way to advance onwards. THis is one of the more prominent difficulties of the game because the game almost gives you no help and sometimes you just have to experiment and explore the areas to find out and understand what you need to do.
-This room however, is very basic and easy--they'll get harder as you progress. So you enter this room. There is a locked door, an elevator, and a ladder. Amy can ride elevators up and down but she cannot climb ladders. Lana can climb ladders. So, take Amy by the hand, walk her to the elevator, press rb and b (this makes her stay put), now make Lana climb the ladder, press the elevator lift button, turn around and make Amy hit the door-unlock button, direct Amy go back to the elevator, send the lift down, climb the ladder down. Sometimes Amy likes to walk off the elevator as you climb the ladder. This can also be terribly annoying.
-Continue onwards. Listen to Marcello talk. Tells you to hide, so hide under the desk. That is the end of chapter 1.

I'm hoping to write these walkthroughs for all the chapters. If you didn't understand anything please comment and I will do my best to explain or fix it in the walkthrough.