Dash of Destruction Review by kingrich06

04 Sep 2009
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Dash Of Destruction Review

Just for the record no matter what you say about this game, you have to just remember this game was FREE. This game is just a commercial for Doritos chips and you shouldn’t expect too much.

Game Play. 2/10
The game has two game modes. One is you’re a driver of a Doritos Delivery truck and your goal is to pickup and deliver chips while dodging a Raptor / Godzilla type monster. The other mode is you’re the monster and you job is to destroy the trucks. At first its just you and the monster later on you have to rush against opponents with the same goal. There are several maps that unlock over the course of game. There is no online co-op/versus mode but you can play those modes locally.

Graphics 2/10
A top down view, the graphics are basic as they come but still recognizable as you maneuver the maps. You can tell there was very little effort put into the graphics.

Sound and Music 1/10
If you thought the graphics were simple, the game music is even worse. It gets to the point where you will want to mute the sound.

One of the easiest games you will come across in your life. You should finish the game within 15 minutes.

360 Achievements
There are no glitched achievements for this game. Contrary to what one of the achievement description says, you need to play the game locally not online.

Two good things about this bad game. One it was free and the second the game is easy to complete. There is no replay value what so ever so chances are this is a one day game that you will forget about. Downloading this game does give two free gamer pic which would remind you more of Jurassic Park than this game.
BeefSquatch707Easy achievements!!
Posted by BeefSquatch707 on 04 Sep 09 at 19:13