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Mallowolf Howl

Player has used the Mallowolf to scare off Ruffians

Mallowolf Howl+0.1
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25 Oct 2008
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For this achievement all you need is a "Mallowolf". Make sure you do not have a "Captain Cutlass" in your garden, because the ruffians will not come. When you see a Ruffian come into your garden send the Mallowolf over to it, and it will scare it, if it does not scare it away try doing it again.
StoodBridgeThis is what solutions should be like ! Positive vote :)
Posted by StoodBridge on 09 Jan 09 at 15:46
CKinALthe easiest way to get a mallowolf is to convert a sour one by eating a pigxie
Posted by CKinAL on 03 Mar 09 at 10:32
StoodBridgeI got it by sending my Mallowolf to Professor Pester.
Posted by StoodBridge on 20 Mar 09 at 13:43
APB PlaysThe Mallowolf can be pretty picky - I had to try a several times before he actually howled at a Ruffian.
Posted by APB Plays on 23 Apr 09 at 00:47
extreme472000I need a mallowolf if anyone would be so kind to help?
Posted by extreme472000 on 14 Mar 10 at 04:23
jimmyshillingthanks dude!! just got this today.
Posted by jimmyshilling on 31 Jul 11 at 00:19