GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review by HWNDarkside

11 Feb 2012 11 Feb 2012
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What a game of two halves this turned out to be.

Before we get to the "it's nothing like the N64 classic" bashing I would like to start by saying I thought the campaign mode was excellent. So there. This does comes with a caveat though so please read on...

I started the campaign on 007 Classic 'cause I'm hardcore and wanted all the campaign-related achievements in one go. I wasn't expecting much and, given I can't really remember last week let alone 1997, I was just hoping for a decent shooter.

Having replayed a few of the levels on lower difficulties to mop up the achievements my decision to start on 007 Classic was the right one. The lower settings are far less punishing, and opening the game out into an all out gunfight doesn't do it any favours.

On 007 Classic your health doesn't regenerate, you die very quickly, but you can pick up the obligatory flak jackets to help you on your way. Death results in a checkpoint restart with less than half heath. Proper old skool then, and the game is all the better for it. You are forced to take things slowly, steath and silenced kills are your best friend. Chuck into the mix some additional objectives on each level and you've got yourself a very nicely paced game. One false move sets of alarms and your frantically seeking cover as reinforcements pour into the level, so stealth is all important.

One small niggle is the aim out of cover feature. Crouching behind cover all is well, you pop up whenever you aim, but you also pop up when you're crouching out of cover too. This can make aiming a bit of a chore as you have to compensate before you take your shots.

The story itself is a rehash of the Goldeneye novel/film and it ticks along nicely. Graphically it's well above average without threatening the likes of COD:MW3 and Battlefield 3. The odd guard gets stuck in the odd door but there are no game-breaking glitches and it all runs without any slowdown. It sounds like Bond, looks like Bond and is pretty much the best Bond campaign I've played.

But then it all goes a bit wrong.

For those who've played Quantum Of Solace you may remember the excellent multiplayer that propped up a very ho-hum single player. Goldeneye is unfortunately the opposite. Yes, it throws a large selection of game types for you to choose from, but someone forget to check the servers. The lag is game-breaking. On large, open maps, it's a joke. It fares a little better on closer quarters maps but still is nowhere near the levels you should expect these days. After enjoying the campaign so much it's bitterly disappointing, especially as there are a lot of achievements to unlock in multiplayer.

Is it good enough to warrant the Goldeneye name then? Play the campaign first on 007 Classic and complete all the additional objectives to get the most out of it, and yes, it is. Dive straight into the multiplayer and it falls well short (unless they sort the lag out).