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Prime Time Fighting

Play and complete a 6, 7 or 8 card event in Event Mode.

Prime Time Fighting0
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Big BrenskiBig Brenski201,191
15 Feb 2012
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In the game modes select event.
You don't need to change the name or anything just make sure that you choose either 6, 7 or 8 for the fights total. You can do the auto fill with X to let the CPU select the match ups.
Save the event and then start it.
If successfully done the Achievement will pop as soon as the final match has completed.

It took me 2 tries to do this the first time I did 2 things that might have voided the achievement. The first is that I Saved the Event and then exited and started it later. The second is that I accidentally did not select a fighter for one fight and switched to control the fighter once the fight started.

Difficulty does not matter for this.
lukeyj85Its cos u accidentally didnt select a fighter just did the same thing grrrr haha. o well here i go again.
Posted by lukeyj85 on 04 Mar 12 at 07:39
acedawg4Can these be skipped? or do you have to select a fighter in each fight? I skipped all events except the last, and watched the entire fight (not selecting anyone) but no achievement.
Posted by acedawg4 on 29 Oct 14 at 13:22
acedawg4Nevermind....just seen the description that says PLAY.....but I selected Beginer, but had a second controller plugged in and played out all 6 matches.
Posted by acedawg4 on 29 Oct 14 at 13:27