Summer Athletics 2009 Review by bmelly25

Summer Athletics 2009

Summer Athletics 2009

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09 Sep 2009
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This game is no where near as good as Beijing 2008. if you are in to olympic or athletics games then you will see what i mean.

There is no button crunching in this game, i'm affraid every event involves you using the right analog stick and this does result in massive blisters to the palm of your hand and lumps of skin left on the analog stick.

The achievements however are a lot easier than in past athletics games.

I just warn u that it would be a struggle to complete this game in a week, so renting it wouldn't be a good idea.
If u did manage to complete it in a week, then the chances are you will have no skin left on your hand!!!!
dancrozierneeds to be expanded a bit thats why I voted negative, maybe include a bit about events and... graphics, audio etc
Posted by dancrozier on 10 Sep 09 at 16:54