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30 Ranked Online Victories

Achieve 30 wins during ranked online play.

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10 Sep 2009 19 May 2013
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*Win 30 ranked matches of Street Fighter 2 hf'*

For this achievement you will need to win "30" ranked matches using the ranked match feature for online play.

If you are going for this achievement, my best solution is to first look for someone to boost with. Be it a friend, someone from this site, other achievement sites or just a random on XBL. The community for this game is pretty much dead as of now, with the exception of the few randoms, and highly ranked players that come and go.

If you can't find anyone to boost with, not that good at Street Fighter, or you want to try and do it legit my advice would be to use Ryu, Ken, M. Bison or Blanka. Ryu and Ken are the easiest characters to learn and have the best move in the game, SHORYUKEN!

When using Ken and Ryu you should be throwing fireballs until your opponent is forced to jump in or find another way around them. This is when you start your mix up Shoryuken to stop them from jumping in or go for the walk up throw. You also want to mix up the speed of your fireballs which is done by using the different punch buttons. Let your opponent get use to one speed then wait for them to jump in and either throw a slow fireball to catch them or Shoryuken them out of the air. If you manage to land a crossover or a jump in you should always go into a standing fierce into fierce fireball with Ryu and standing fierce into fierce Shoryuken with Ken.

Bison is also a great choice because of his speed and damage with his psycho crusher move. If you are playing against a player with no or weak D they will pretty much let you hit them across the screen with this move. If they successfully block your psycho crusher you are almost always at the advantage to try and throw your opponent( fierce and away or towards your opponent.) When they land from the throw you can go straight into another psycho crusher or just wait and let them make a mistake on wake up and punish them for it. Bison has a hard kick cross over which is great to use on the opponent as they are getting up which will leave them to guess if you will try and throw them, go into a psycho crusher or crouching light punch cancelled into head stomp.

Blanka is one, if not the strongest character in the game. You will want to learn the Blanka balls which are, back for 2 seconds forward plus punch( which punch you use will determine the speed and distance of the ball) This will send Blanka flying at the opponent and is a great anti air/pressure move. Blanka's second ball is down for two seconds then up and kick, this will send Blanka flying in the air, depending on which kick you use he will go higher or lower. This move also can hit on the way up or on the way down. This is an amazing move for an anti air or to set up a mix up cross over pressure game on the opponent when they stand up. Blanka also has a electricity move if you mash punch that will shock the opponent and send them falling to the ground. If your opponent likes to jump at you let them fall right on the shock. If you manage to hit a strong kick up Blanka ball that doesn't knock down the opponent, you can mash the punch to combo it into a electricity.

If you are having trouble with this achievement or have a question about a match up, drop me a pm on or on here.

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Good luck!
Infamous GeezerGood solution, but i usually meditate and then destroy them. FTW!!
Posted by Infamous Geezer on 15 Oct 09 at 05:03
F1NGERS 0F FURYYoga Yoga Yoga Yoga (while punching guile in the head lol)
Posted by F1NGERS 0F FURY on 02 Feb 10 at 18:27
Celt PLyes. easy as hell but the problem is that ranked multiplayer in this game is NOT WORKING?!?!
Posted by Celt PL on 21 Jul 10 at 04:09
Rafael D ArroyoYeah, having the same problem here. Already trying boosting with 3 different people but we cant seem to find each other on a ranked match, cant find anyone...
Posted by Rafael D Arroyo on 30 Mar 13 at 21:48
F1NGERS 0F FURYhmmm.... I haven't actually played ranked in this game for at least a year so I can't say whats going on. When you try to play a match does it just keep searching for another player?
Posted by F1NGERS 0F FURY on 30 Mar 13 at 23:38
ZWThe wife and I just got this. So the player wanting It has to wait for the host to do a ranked match they hit quick match and nothing,then they hit y to create a match. Then the player wanting it hits quick match, get the win and repeat. Both of us got it..
Posted by ZW on 25 Nov 18 at 10:44
AbyssalOrc33Just letting people know that sometimes the games played and wins does not increase at all when you play ranked games. It seems like the leaderboards just don't want to work sometimes.
Posted by AbyssalOrc33 on 16 Oct at 03:14