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Intercept 6 passes in a game

Intercept 6 passes in a game (non co-op)

Intercept 6 passes in a game0
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27 Feb 2012 27 Feb 2012
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Incubus's solution is great, but I just want to throw out some tips for those who don't have access to a second controller.

Teams don't matter too much but it will go quicker if you choose a team with high defense against a crappy passing team. I recommend you be the Steelers against the Raiders.

(I did it as the Titans while going for a separate achievement but they kind of suck.)

When setting up the game, make sure you give your team an infinite amount of rewinds. You can change this in the settings directly after choosing your team. Also set the difficulty to rookie and play selection skill to intermediate. I also recommend 10 minute quarters to be safe, but you can probably do it in 5 minute quarters without too much trouble.

Now here are the tricks:

1) Always choose 'pass defense, middle coverage'

2) Before the play starts, hit 'X' for audible and then up on the right joystick for man coverage

3) If there is a pass play and you don't intercept it, rewind the play and give it a second try

4) If you get the ball, run backwards (or maybe forwards) to opposing team's 30 yard line (leaving you with 70 more yards for a touchdown) and kick a field goal. You will miss because its so far away. Tthis will instantly give the other team the ball back and they will be close to a touchdown which gives them less room to throw the ball and packs them in more.

The computer will do all the work from there. Just keep setting it up this way and you should get it in no time!
MarkLaing07thanks :)
worked for me
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Posted by MarkLaing07 on 10 Mar 12 at 23:11
MarkLaing07mine was 5 min halfs with falcons against dolphins
i got it in the first 3 quarters while going for 7 pass TD's
Posted by MarkLaing07 on 10 Mar 12 at 23:12
Blackwing21997Practically a bad team to do it against. All the Raiders do is run the ball. I'm lucky I got the 6
Posted by Blackwing21997 on 18 Oct 12 at 23:36