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The Gold Spender

Collect all Gold Global Events Badges

The Gold Spender0
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Shand Alk3Shand Alk3485,250
06 Mar 2012 13 Feb 2013
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The badges for the achievement are:
Finish 10 events in Diamond Bracket
Finish 10 events in Platinum Bracket
Finish 10 events in Gold Bracket
Finish 10 events in Silver Bracket
Compete in 50 Race Events
Compete in 50 Trick Events
Compete in 50 Survive Events
Compete in 50 Custom Events
Compete in an event with 50,000+ players
Join an event with a 1,000,000 credit drop (Must be done after getting badges for 10,000 and 100,000)
Earn 1,000,000 credits through Global Events overall

For Diamond Bracket wins simply create a custom event that is 10 minutes long, race/trick/survive in it, then you will get diamond. The progress for the badge doesnt count until the event is over and you have dashboarded and came back into the game.

As for Platinum-Silver Brackets you need to earn these legitimately through Global Events already in place. You can just join events and do your best and see what you get. The more people there are, the less that times/points will be spread apart from each bracket. My advice is to do survive events that are close to ending and die right after you earn the badge you want. For example: If Bronze is at 100m and silver is at 200m, get to 201m and die to earn silver. (Assuming nobody joins after that)

For competing in Race/Trick/Survive/Custom events I suggest playing a lot of events for your Bracket Badges. You can, though, boost these by creating custom events that are only 10 minutes long. The progress will count as soon as you create the event. There is no need to start it up, or even choose a character. Just go to Custom Event and create a Race or Trick and as soon as you see the character selection screen it will have counted so you can just back out. Survives can be created but only on tracks that have a survive event at all. You can have 3 custom events up and running at a time, which is why you make each one 10 minutes, so you dont have to wait too long.

For competing in an event with 50,000+ players, I regret to inform you that if you don't have it already then you probably can not get it. In the first week of launch there was an event that was a week long that managed to accumlate only 58,000 or so players before the event ended. Since this event is no longer running (and there appears to be no event like it that could accumulate that many people) it would appear that you can't get this badge if you don't have it. There is talk of getting the badge lowered/redone (considering on the PS3 the event never made it 50,000 before it ended) so I will keep this updated if that is the case.

For joining an event with a 1,000,000 credit drop you need to join the event AFTER you already have the badges for joining an event with 10,000 and the badge for 100,000. Basically what im saying is you need to get them in order otherwise you will waste the million credits. As of right now there is an event in the Himalayas that has a 1,000,000 credit drop Survive Event. It seems to be reaccuring and has a week long time limit.

For earning 1,000,000 credits in Global Events accumulatively you will probably get this over time. The higher the drop cost is, the more money you receive if you do well. If you really don't have this by the time you join the 1,000,000 credit drop event then doing even slightly well will earn you over 1,000,000, but i'm sure you will have it long before then.

Update: Joining any Global Event will get you the 50,000+ players since EA has unlocked this badge!
talkstogodAs Shand suggests, for the 50/50/50/50 badges just go back to Global Events every 20 minutes or so and create 3 events of whatever type you are working on between "real" runs. It's silly but not really grindy.

I disagree with his suggestion for Platinum, which was for me the hardest to get. If you can get Diamond in an event but you want Plat, you generally want to get as close to the current Diamond as possible. But the trick is whether to get above or below... if you think the current Diamond is solid, then get just below it, but if you think it's weak, get just above it in anticipation of getting knocked down.
Posted by talkstogod on 06 Mar 12 at 18:20
FoxA83As "talkstogod" said, i had also the hardest time to get the platinum badges. And I used exactly the same strategy in addition, always look for global events with as less time left as possible. This allows you to see +/- what you could get, instead of waiting an hour or more till it finishes.
Posted by FoxA83 on 08 Mar 12 at 12:06
Ham SaladFor the Platinum medals, I simply joined events that had 1 rider and less than 5 minutes to go, and finished with a worse score/time than the other rider.

Most of the time, the event ended with just the two of us. I got all my Platinum medals before earning all the Silver ones I needed.
Posted by Ham Salad on 08 Mar 12 at 16:29
JayowskiJust for the record. You can't get the final bit, earning 1mil that is, without an Online Pass, thus you can't get any achievements for Global Events. Dick move from EA.
Posted by Jayowski on 08 Mar 12 at 22:25
Fighting DoofusAny word on the 50,000 riders getting lowered or another event??? Any solution to that one?
Posted by Fighting Doofus on 09 Mar 12 at 04:35
Shand Alk3As of right now, there is still no word from EA about changing the 50,000 badge
Posted by Shand Alk3 on 09 Mar 12 at 07:30
ZpudThere's an event in Siberia, on the Boris peak called The Big Show Trick it that has 25,000 riders already, only 2 and a bit days to go though
Posted by Zpud on 10 Mar 12 at 22:47
SBRaiders95For earning 1,000,000 credits, simply create a custom event (I created a 10min custom race on Curnoe's Mustache), and assuming you already have 1,000,000 credits, set the drop cost to 1,000,000. Then compete in it, and wait until the event ends. You will win back your 1mill, and the Badge will pop up. This is how I did it :)
Posted by SBRaiders95 on 11 Mar 12 at 20:02
Fighting DoofusYeah, the big show never hit 50k people. It got really close, hopefully ea will pull through an figure something out.
Posted by Fighting Doofus on 13 Mar 12 at 17:49
ZpudThere's an event in the alps that has just started that has a 2 week time limit

Hopefully enough people will play it
Posted by Zpud on 13 Mar 12 at 20:07
keoskeyJust to bring this up to people renting it or buying it used you need the online pass to 1000 out the game if you dont have online pass EA hold on to your credits until you redeem one
Posted by keoskey on 20 Mar 12 at 05:13
BobLoblawsBlogsAs of March 22 at 1:02 am, the race it on Beyond the fall currently has 35,302 riders and the trick it has 29,801 riders. I will keep this figure updated if I can remember for those that are on the fence. If you asked me a couple of days ago, I would have said this wasn't gonna happen but the race it has come on strong in the last two days and raced ahead of the tricky in terms of riders.
Posted by BobLoblawsBlogs on 22 Mar 12 at 06:04
BobLoblawsBlogsand magically this event shot over 50,000 in less than 24 hours after I posted this. nice boosting EA, I feel ya.
Posted by BobLoblawsBlogs on 23 Mar 12 at 00:30
bmlx5867For the platinum badges.....I have a second account...couldn't I just create custom events with the second account and then go back on my main account and not beat the diamond score??
Posted by bmlx5867 on 25 Mar 12 at 23:25
Shand Alk3That should work!
Posted by Shand Alk3 on 26 Mar 12 at 00:34
Conky UKAnnoyingly, competing in an event with 50k+ doesn't count if you were one of the first 49,999 riders! Having joined the two events for Beyond the Fall, I happily watched them shoot past the 50k mark and waited for the events to end. No badge, though as I didn't realise you have to go back and compete again
Posted by Conky UK on 29 Mar 12 at 07:53
BenchemThat must have been annoying Conky.
Posted by Benchem on 29 Mar 12 at 15:37
koobz2142if i make a custom survive it event, does it count twoards the survive it and custom counters? or just one?
Posted by koobz2142 on 29 Mar 12 at 19:20
Shand Alk3both
Posted by Shand Alk3 on 29 Mar 12 at 19:25
GWebb77hey conky i believe if you do another run after it hits 50k riders it pops, it what happened to me with 15k
Posted by GWebb77 on 03 Apr 12 at 00:07
GWebb77just a heads up there is a global event with around 28000 now with like 4 days left or so, so join up now
Posted by GWebb77 on 04 Apr 12 at 23:56
Conky UKTrickypedia is up to 43300 with 3 days to go!
Posted by Conky UK on 06 Apr 12 at 21:33
the1mattypTrickypedia is now on 47075 with exactly 1 day to go, only 3000 more people needed, come ln guys....this can be done!
Posted by the1mattyp on 08 Apr 12 at 22:07
Conky UKWTF, with less than an hour to go the rider count dropped to about 18900!
Posted by Conky UK on 09 Apr 12 at 23:39
GWebb77yeah the EA servers screwed me out of it too, they should just give us all the badge or extend the event at least
Posted by GWebb77 on 10 Apr 12 at 00:10
LightHordyCan anyone confirm if the second account method works for the platinums?
Posted by LightHordy on 11 Apr 12 at 18:28
That505GuyTA should host on the main page of the website if an event nears the 50,000 players ever again as Ive now completed everything but the global events...
:) :'( lol
Posted by That505Guy on 19 Apr 12 at 04:36
Banan Demon PLCAUTION!!!
For: Compete in an event with 50,000+ players
Go to: Participate in The Hammer
When: From now till the next week

Posted by Banan Demon PL on 19 Apr 12 at 15:59
That505GuyThat board is for Playstation? @Banan Demon PL
Posted by That505Guy on 20 Apr 12 at 18:42
Posted by JUNCTION ARISTO on 05 May 12 at 11:41
Los7 DreamerThere is a week-long trick-it event on Serenity going on for 5 more days that has already topped over 50k riders.
Posted by Los7 Dreamer on 10 May 12 at 18:53
Los7 DreamerCorrection. Both the trick-it and the race-it have over 50k
Posted by Los7 Dreamer on 10 May 12 at 18:59
Sindarin EagleAt this point, I'm seeing at least one 0-drop-cost global event with over 50,000 riders running pretty much continuously. There's been at least one ever since I started playing over Memorial Day (last weekend in May, for those outside the US). Looks like more people got copies of the game. The global event main screen will point you right towards it as the global event with the most competitors.

I'd take advantage of it while it lasts before everyone gets tired of the game and 100%'s it and then stops playing.
Posted by Sindarin Eagle on 07 Jun 12 at 06:18
VfV SaviorThere seem to be some different opinions on whether or not the online pass is needed, can anyone confirm if they got this achievement without the online pass? I got the Bronze Spender without the online pass...
Posted by VfV Savior on 15 Nov 12 at 07:29
VfV SaviorI got this achievement without the online pass, so no need for that to get 1000 G. TA should remove the online pass symbol from this achievement :)
Posted by VfV Savior on 13 Dec 12 at 10:16
woodbear50,000+ players
You will get it when join to any global event. Because EA unlocked it, and dont matter how many players compete in that event.
Posted by woodbear on 13 Feb 13 at 09:25
A Dreadful ShotIt’s probably important to note that you’ll only receive credit towards 10 bracket placements at a time. This means when you leave and return to the game it only gives you your last 10 brackets. I learned this the hard way by boosting all 40 in one go, then quitting the game and returning to find out I had only received the 10 Diamond brackets. Just wanted to save some people the hassle, it was extremely frustrating. So make sure you leave the game after every 10.
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 09 Feb 18 at 21:05