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7 Day Survivor

TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Survive for at least 7 days.

7 Day Survivor0
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Mr FiddlerMr Fiddler451,575
13 Sep 2009
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This guide will require that you battle some psychos, but will avoid the Food Court crash that occurs on day 5. You should be level 50 and have the mega buster from the getting the “zombie genocider” achievement.

Print out these two guides (or be near a PC to access them).
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[Don't eat any food until you have all the books]

Get the mega buster from the security room.
Go onto the rooftop, kill Otis then pick up his raw meat.
Head back into security room then into the entrance plaza and pick up the health book from "The Sinister Read".
Head back to the security room, through the rooftop and into the warehouse.
Grab all food in the warehouse (including Susan's cookies).
Head into Paradise Plaza and go cook the raw meat in "Jill's Sandwiches".
Take the bathroom shortcut to Wonderland Plaza.
Pick up the other health book from "Sir Book A Lot" on the upper floor.
Head to North Plaza via the lower level passageway.
Loop around North Plaza counter clockwise collecting all the food and the final survival book (in the room next to Crislip's). I didn’t actually bother getting the food in Crislip’s itself.

[It's now ok to eat food so if you need a top up eat something of low value first like the cookies. Chances are you will need to eat at least one item in order to be able to carry everything at this point.]

Once you have all the food, head back to Wonderland Plaza and climb on top of the beauty kiosk (there are two in front of the bathrooms), drop most of your food in this safe spot and then use the food map to go around the rest of Wonderland Plaza, collecting everything and returning it to this safe spot with your other items.

Stay here on this spot eating only when you need to - I would recommend eating the smallest value items first, but keep at least one low or medium item value (e.g. an apple or cookies) in case you need to heal when you are travelling from one area to another (less likely to waste the valuable items that way).

Once you have eaten enough such that you can carry all your remaining items then move on to the next area: Food Court (we're going in a counter clockwise loop around the map BTW).

When you enter you should be faced with SMG Carlito, but he’s pretty easy to kill with the mega buster. You can try and shoot him from afar or just climb up the crates around the back onto his level, keeping the other side of the corner from him and wait for him to stop shooting before popping out to kill him. Carlito is actually located in the safest area here so drop your food items there and go collect all the food in Food Court and return them back here like you did for Wonderland Plaza. Sometimes Carlito’s box will throw things over the ledge when it opens so be sure to check you have gathered all three items.

This will form the basis of the pattern for each area we will visit, i.e.

- Deal with any psycho(s)
- Collect all the mall/dropped food
- Camp in a safe place until you can move on to the next area

To keep this guide brief (since it’s mostly just a pattern to follow) I will just list the subsequent areas that I went to and who I fought there:

Al Fresco Plaza [Isabela – camp in fountain or “Flexin”]
Entrance Plaza [(nobody) – camp in “Ned's Knicknackery”]
Paradise Plaza [Ross – camp on Blue ledge by stairs over “Kids’ Choice Clothing”]
Movieland [Heather – camp behind behind counter in concession area]
Entrance Plaza [Hall family – camp in “Ned's Knicknackery” again]

You can find the specifics of where to find each of those psychos in the list at the top. Timing can be important and if you don’t fancy taking on the Hall family for example, there are other decent alternatives on day 6 such as Carlito, Kent or Cletus, but the advantage with the Hall family is that they are there all day. Chances are you’ll gain more time that you lose from the odd sniper shot. Brock might be a good target on day 7 should you find yourself short of food having avoided them.

You will also probably need to get a new mega buster from time to time. I think I went back twice. The first time I went to Entrance Plaza I went right through to security room (via second level shortcut) and came straight back. Another good opportunity would be either just before or just after you go to Movieland.

I didn't end up needing to go into Crislip's, the Leisure Park or the Maintenance Tunnels, but after fighting the only the above additional psychos I had enough food to not need to do anything on day seven and had three wines left at midnight.

Thanks to “DrNewcenstein” for the maps and list and “G0NE R0GUE” for the original idea for basis of the map loop.
MAGNUS 7000Theres a food court bug? Should I stay away from there at some point ?
Posted by MAGNUS 7000 on 16 Feb 10 at 19:23
Mr FiddlerYes, do not enter or leave food court on the 5th day from 5:00AM - 11:59PM or game will freeze on loading screen. In game this will read as 4 Days 5 Hours 0 Minutes - 4 Days 23 Hours 59 Minutes.
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 16 Feb 10 at 19:35
YoshiMiyamotoFantastic guide with some very useful tips...I would advise anyone attempting this achievement to use this website as well:

It keeps track of the time for you as well as letting you know what survivors/psychopaths are out there at what time. You can also mark off the food scattered around the mall as you use it.
Posted by YoshiMiyamoto on 06 May 10 at 02:42
IntoTheDark7A very helpful guide. Thank you. Used in conjunction with the survival assistant linked in the comment above, this was relatively straight forward, if dull. The assistant tells you which survivors / psychos are available so you can make a quick detour to top up your supplies of food when they happen to be near your current location. The guide itself is very clear and worked well for me. I didn't even need to go into Movieland and, like the guide writer, didn't have to go into the maintenance tunnels, leisure park or Crislips so there was plenty of headroom in the end.

Despite all of that, I did have to restart twice due to very obvious and very stupid mistakes. In case it's helpful for others:

(1) I noticed that when you enter a new area you see the in-game time on-screen. So having got to Wonderland plaza and collected a nice big pile of food on top of the beauty kiosk I thought I'd run into North Plaza and back again to check the time. Oops, where did all the food go? I knew that food you have picked up and moved disappears when you leave and re-enter an area but I forgot. I won't forget again. I lost at least 48 hours of food so re-started.

(2) In Alfresco Plaza, hiding in the "safe" hardware store. I left the game running while I made some lunch and came back to the end of game screen. Ahhhhh! Still not sure what happened but the lesson I learned was to make very very sure that I was safe from zombie attack before walking away. And then check again.
Posted by IntoTheDark7 on 13 Apr 11 at 20:02
TheDancingClownGreat guide thank you. Made this achievement super easy
Posted by TheDancingClown on 02 Jul 12 at 23:52
WolfheartSpellSomeone should build you a statue. A very good and clear guide. I didn't even bother with the Hall family, killed Kent instead, went to the Movieland and stayed there until I got my achievement. Thank you!
Posted by WolfheartSpell on 20 Jan 13 at 03:24
Julz D 01Thanks. This worked well. Had to go a bit further though. Ended up camping in the elevator below Wonderland plaza after truck carlito wrecked the red car.
Posted by Julz D 01 on 22 Apr 13 at 12:16
RecentRealityI love you, Mr Fiddler. This is a perfect solution.
Posted by RecentReality on 10 Jul 14 at 02:08
HYBRID HIVEAwesome guide! Got it with no trouble at all using this!
Posted by HYBRID HIVE on 26 Aug 14 at 16:31
BRARROWused this today, went for the kill Kent not the snipers on day 6, then just hung around the warehouse, security room, rooftop sweat even though I got grabbed a lot in the beginning and ate a couple things early by mistake. Seems like this guide leaves a lot more leeway in it, no clock watching at all, I like.
Posted by BRARROW on 22 Sep 14 at 02:34