Saints Row 2 Review by iLazorz

14 Sep 2009 15 Sep 2009
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Since this is the only review for Saints Row 2, I'll try to do my best :)

Single Player

First off, we'll cover Single Player. Your character will wake up from a coma five years later in the Stilwater Prison, to either find out that his voice has changed dramatically, he's way more muscular or fatter, and he could even find out that he's now a girl! O_o

After you escape with Carlos, who's brother was in the Saints a while back, you will find out that the city is now controlled by three new gangs, the Ronin, which is a Japanese gang with katanas and yellow, foreign cars, the Sons of Somedi, which is a partially African gang that deals a cheap lightbulb drug and has green lowrider cars, and The Brotherhood, which is an all-round gang that is tattoo-obsessed and drives huge, red trucks.

Throughout the story mode you will have to fight these gangs through various missions and strongholds, but before you can do that you will have to earn respect by playing activities, which are mini-game like things where you have to do certain objectives before time runs out, or before the car is desroyed, or stuff like that.

For example, there is one activity where you must drive around a septic truck, spraying bodily waste over certain areas to earn enough money before the end of your route. Other than that, there are activities where you fly helicopters, steal prostitutes, protect drug dealers, find cars, assassinate people, protect celebrities from crazed fans, throw molotovs, obliterate cars, driving around hookers as they please their clients, join a fight club, get hit by cars, cause as much mayhem as possible, and even dress up as a cop and kill criminals for a television show.

Also, due to demand, I'll post up how much I rate each Activity based on overall fun, humor, difficulty, and how well it plays out in both single player and co-op.

Chop Shop: 8/10
A lot easier compared to the one from the first Saints Row. What you must do is look at the list of cars in your pause menu after you visit the location. Go where it tells you and watch your mini-map. If you see the yellow car on it, grab it and take it back to the dealer for a quick reward.

Crowd Control: 9/10
A fun activity with a variety of ways to kill crazed fans. The beginning levels are easy enough for a new player to do, and the later levels are challenging enough for whoever...well, likes a challenge!

Demolition Derby: 10/10
A very easy activity that is also extremely fun! Plays great in both single player and co-op, and has made a HUGE improvement since the first Saints Row. You can now customize the cars to be either fast, powerful, defensive, or a balance of all three! Also, after you complete the derby you can enter the special derby in which you can compete in a variety of different vehicles, whether everybody's in tankers or everybody's in golf carts, it's your choice!

Drug Trafficking: 6/10
Terribly boring and hard on single player, but if you are in co-op it's a lot more fun! In SP you must have a dealer drive you around and you have to protect them as they make their stops, but in co-op you or your partner can drive. YAY!

Escort: 8.5/10:
Sucks on cooperative, but is fine on SP. Basically you drive around prostitutes as they "do their work." you must avoid news vans attemping to get footage of them making love, and also bring them certain places. It's very funny what they say sometimes, but it's absurd if you're down by the University and they want to drive to the Marina. It's like WTF?!

Fight Club: 9.5/10
Somewhat challenging and fun at the same time. You must fight very violent fight club members and lower their health. Once their health is almost completely black, you must tap a certain button fast enough to snap their neck. The number of enemies in the ring at a time can range from two to eight, depending on level and whether or not it is on co-op. One thing though is that in co-op this activity is extremely easy, so play it if in need of respect.

Fuzz: 7.5/10
This activity can be fun, but sort of dumb at the same time. You get to participate on a show like COPS, except you kill the criminals. Sounds entertaining doesn't it? You won't be saying that when a bunch of bank robbers drive really fast in a Titan and all you have is a Tec. You also won't be saying that when a bunch of eco-terrorists have Annihilators...

Heli-Assault: 2/10
I know I'm about to sound like a real jerk here, but this activity is FAIL! It's probably the worst thing ever invented. It's rediculous to beat in co-op, and, well just the idea of it is absurd. You must fly a helicopter and protect Shaundi or Pierce as they get blown u...I mean deal drugs. The only reason I gave this garbage activity a two is because A.) you get to fly a Tornado, and B.) you get to blow s*** up.

Hitman: 9/10
Like Chop Shop, this has EXTREMLY improved. Now, you will always know where the target is, they will always show up your mini-map, and you don't have to kill them with a certain weapon! This is easy so just go to a location and go kill some targets for quick cash and respect!

Insurance Fraud: 8/10
Fun, but hard. Basically it goes like this: throw yourself in front of cars, fake an injury, profit! Fun to see your guy go flying when hit but this activity can be a pain in co-op. Just look up a video for Insurance Fraud Tips and you should have this down no problem.

Mayhem: 9.5/10
Once again, "hooray for destruction!" the basic idea of this activity is blow stuff up. But what they didn't know is you can abuse rockets and grenades by just blowing up fences until you win! It's cheap, but easy for respect and an achievement.

Septic Avenger: 8/10
I don't want to go into detail on this one, but let's just say it might get a bit smelly. Your "employer" will drive around a septic truck and you can tell them when to stop so you can spray bodily waste all over important buildings and people. Very easy for respect.

Snatch: 7.75/10
Objective is to steal hookers from pimps and bring them back to your friends. Can take a long time, but will be rewarding in the end, with one location offering infinte ammo for Uzi's.

Trail Blazing: 10/10
Absolutely amazing. Very, very fun in co-op. To tell the truth, I have never played it on single player, but I can imagine it being the same. Basically, one person drives though checkpoints (like racing) while another person throws molotovs to blow stuff up and earn extra time for the race (which is timed, of course). The cool thing is the driver can run into any car and it will be totally destroyed. Hooray for destruction!

Once you earn respect to fill your purple bar at the top right of your screen, you can now play missions. Complete enough missions to beat the gangs, beat all gangs to unlock the last few missions, which i won't ruin for you. :) Overall the single player is great. The cutscenes are amazing, the missions are original, and just the fact that you're the leader of a gang and you're able to deside how the gang looks and talks is just beast.


There are three gametypes for multiplayer, Gangster Brawl which is free-for-all, Team Gangster Brawl which is just a Red vs Blue-type game, and Strong Hold which is when they took some of the the activities from the game and converted them into multiplayer-compatible, and you have to earn money by killing the enemy team and paricipating in the activities. First to $100,000 earned for their team is the winner.

The multiplayer also supports ranks, which are earned by making money in Strong Arm for your team, and badges, which are earned by doing specific requirements in a muliplayer match. Earn a certain amount of badges and get an achievement. That's the whole reason they are there, after all.

Final Thoughts, Pros and Cons, and Final Rating

Overall, this game is very fun if you like third-person gangster shooters. The multiplayer can be fun at times when playing with your friends, but the single player is the best part of this game. Definitely a rent, but if you have enough money, buy it. The graphics have improved a lot from the first one, and a lot of the multiplayer exploits like A-tapping, Infinite Pipe-bombing, and super-sprinting have been patched.

Great ways to customize any cars in the game
Enjoyable music music
Airplanes, Heicopters, Boats, and Motorcycles.
Just a really interesting storyline that includes CO-OP!

The game can freeze a lot at times, just save a lot and you're fine.
No more super-sprint. cry
The Hardcore difficulty isn't hard enough

My overall rating for this game would be...let's say 8.75. It's a great game worth picking up! Also, please vote. If you do a negative vote, please tell me why in the comments, and I will take any constructive critisism. Thanks!!!
Rockin CherryThumbs up from me :). Short, but informative enough to understand this is a great game, a definite improvement from the first one, and a story that packs afew laughs too!

I loved it and it goes down as one of my favourite games :).

Great review :)
Posted by Rockin Cherry on 14 Sep 09 at 15:32
SingleMomOfTwoGreat review! Thank you for posting this!
Posted by SingleMomOfTwo on 14 Sep 09 at 17:31
MxSvnty4Great review man. Though I think you should rate every aspect: single player, activities, customization... Like, have #/10 next to "activities" at the top of a paragraph describing the activities.

I can't believe it has been out for awhile now and we had no review on it.
Posted by MxSvnty4 on 14 Sep 09 at 21:22
Nice Review, but the game has never frozen on me in my hundreds of hours on the game!

Thanks for writing the review though!
Posted on 14 Sep 09 at 22:29
TheBozBoz84excellent reveiw my freind i think you did more than enough here and top marks for putting tons of effort into it, fuck anyone who disagrees this is your personal opinion on the game and you have taken the time out of your life to provide this for everyone .respect !!! p.s i hate it when people negative my reveiws and dont tell me why ;)
Posted by TheBozBoz84 on 17 Sep 09 at 14:26
AirborneDav1dGreat Review!!!! I have spent loads of time(hours) with this game.

Also I felt the co-op was a bit dissapointing (some glitches, lag), however I did spend the entire campaign playing with somebody from America and I'm from England. I was extremely happy and give THQ a 8/10 for a superb game.

Roll on Saints Row 3!!!
Posted by AirborneDav1d on 23 Sep 09 at 17:30
flair rici could have sworn i saw another review for this game on this site before
Posted by flair ric on 25 Sep 09 at 06:04
A Wise Ninjamine doesn't freeze to be honest. :)
Posted by A Wise Ninja on 08 Nov 09 at 20:26
MissMulti YTMine froze alot actually lol and when i was playing co-op i often got weird glitches like my friends character would be lieing down on the floor and like hovering across it :S was funny though ^^
Posted by MissMulti YT on 08 Sep 10 at 03:40
Toby1Kenob1Great review, purely on this review I will go and buy this on my lunch break now. Roll on the weekend.
Posted by Toby1Kenob1 on 20 May 11 at 09:16
tskunkGood review. Mine's freezing fairly consistently... Gonna try installing it to disk and see if it helps.
Posted by tskunk on 01 Jul 11 at 05:08
Zombie DeejInstalling is very helpful - A friend and I have been playing through for 'Confidence Men' this weekend - We had all kinds of trouble on Thursday, but after we'd both installed the game (and switched hosts) we were able to achieve 10-15% completion advances between freezes.

The Riot Control glitch reared its ugly head, though.. >.<
Posted by Zombie Deej on 30 Jul 11 at 06:41
Dizzy ShayHow are people saying this game is great? It's full of bugs, freezes, glitches and very poor frame rates through most of the campaign on single or co-op
Posted by Dizzy Shay on 10 Sep 13 at 01:59