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Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty

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1. Knife the guy in the bathroom.
2. Go left into the room with the tables NEVER right.
3. As you approach the end of the room with the tables through a flashbang to the BACK of the next room causing all enemies to be stunned.
4. DONT Cover you dont have the time push forward to the left of the seats. (Remember your teammates are indistructable and will NOT push forward until you do).
5. At the end of the first room there are 2 guys behind the walls. one to the left and one to the right and CAN be shot through the walls.
6. Once at the next section you wanna be at the right of the room camping behind the chairs until the side of the plane blows off.
7. Move forward and left behing more chairs and immediatly look 90 degrees right and kill the 2 guys there.
8. Point you MP5 at the top of the stairs and shoot them as they come down.
9. Once up the 1st flight of stairs throw a flashbang up the right side then go left (If you haven't got just over 25 seconds left its best to quit and restart).
10. Once up both flights of stairs (left side) you wanna kill the guys infront of you and just spray the wooden wall infront of you.
11. Take the flashbangs off the table and throw all 3 into the room there and then (No time for presicion).
12. Go through the corridor killing everything infront of you remebering there is a guy to your LEFT.
13. At the end of the corridor if your out of bullets in your MP5 switch ti your pistol and take out the 3 guys coming at you from the left.
14. When at the hostage situation pop one in his forehead (If your a bit scared and you think you'll miss and all this work would be for nothing you can actually JUMP towards the enemy and kill at point blank).

Hope this helps and Good Luck
FlopadopasaurusNice guide, very thorough. I'm going to give this a try tonight.
Posted by Flopadopasaurus on 27 Jan 10 at 11:50
QuarantaneI used a video solution with almost the same exact method for this.

Technically I actually did it twice. When I did it on normal I shot the kidnapper in the leg and that worked.....doesn't work on Veteran so I had to get there again.

Took 2 hours to unlock. 30 minutes the first time, and another hour and a half for not going for a head shot.

Positive vote.
Posted by Quarantane on 14 Apr 10 at 05:26
Quarantanealthough I didn't knife the guy in the bathroom, I simply ran past him. Sometimes he would kill me, but most often my team-mates killed him before he killed me. It gives you a couple extra seconds, and every second counts.

But to make sure he doesn't kill you you've got to make sure to start running as SOON as the game allows.

Sorry for the 2 comments, forgot to mention that.
Posted by Quarantane on 14 Apr 10 at 05:29
UlteriorDesertI'm amazed that you wrote this from memory and you just weren't lazy enough to upload a video, positive vote.
Posted by UlteriorDesert on 27 Jul 10 at 11:33
Lila OwONICE guide!!!
Posted by Lila OwO on 10 Feb 12 at 03:45
Bashemgud 03Fantastic breakdown...thank you!
Posted by Bashemgud 03 on 13 Jun at 19:37