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Super Serial Springer

Jump on 5 springs in a row

Super Serial Springer0
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You can actually jump on monsters during your combo and it won't break it.

I found this out when I was playing and got four springs in a row, jumped on a monster (which boosted me further up), and allowed me to hit a final spring.

This is easily accomplished if you play the Jungle Level (perhaps each theme has certain sections that are unique to it) and reach nearly 20,000 points. You'll approach this section when you notice a single solid platform with a spring on it and nothing else on the screen (except maybe a few broken platforms).
GeoffistophelesThis is the pattern I got around 23k. Four springs, then a monster in case you try to jump straight to the fifth. Just be aware he's there and either jump on his head or shoot him, then hit the fifth.
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 26 Feb 16 at 18:38