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Beat four Portal advanced maps.

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xXxbIgSaLaMixXxxXxbIgSaLaMixXxThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
15 Sep 2009
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using the following cheat will really help
shoot portal's anywhere:
make a box:
shoot energy ball:
just one catch though:
before you get in the elevator save the game load another game then load the game you saved
the game will not detect that you cheated
have fun!
EvilMoominOK, which button is the G button?
Posted by EvilMoomin on 19 Dec 10 at 19:12
TomPanda 1984Fire energy ball

Up, Y(2), X(2), A(2), B(2), Up
Posted by TomPanda 1984 on 15 Jan 12 at 15:42
Spaceball 007Y, A, B, A, B, Y(2), A, Left, Right is for shooting portals anywhere no wonder why it says achievement not one
Posted by Spaceball 007 on 28 Mar 12 at 00:34