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Get married

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13 Mar 2012
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Continue the story untill you get to river wood. Enter the river wood trader and ask Lucian about what was stolen. Take his quest and complete it. The lady in the room will now become "friendly" with you. Continue untill you get to whiterun, Enter the gates, leave and head down the the carriage, just outside the stables. Head to riften and enter the bee and the Barb. Speak to Marmal, and ask if you can have a marriage, untill he offers an amulet of mara. Take it (200 gold) and head back to the riverwood trader. Speak to Camella and ask if she is interested. Go positive, untill it is decided that you will be married. Go back to riverwood and talk to maramal. Tell him about the mariage and then go to the temple of mara ( just activate the quest in your quest list). At noon the next day, Camella will be there. Go through the ceremony, and (bleep bloop) achievement.

Lynda can also be a wife once you are thane of whiterun. (continue the story)